Home Tech Never forget your password again with pCloud Pass, the ultra-secure password manager made in Europe

Never forget your password again with pCloud Pass, the ultra-secure password manager made in Europe

Never forget your password again with pCloud Pass, the ultra-secure password manager made in Europe


pCloud Pass password manager gives you the option to store your passwords securely and access them from any device.

Never forget your password again with pCloud Pass, the ultra-secure password manager made in Europe
Screenshots of the new pCloud Pass app, the ultra-secure password manager made in Europe

In today’s fast-paced digital world, protecting our passwords and personal data has become more crucial than everalthough there is someone continues to ignore the recommendations of experts in this regard. To address this complex challenge, pClouda renowned European company specializing in cloud services, has launched pCloud passa new ultra secure password managerdesigned in Europe and aimed at simplifying password management through a diverse set of tools to strengthen online security with minimal effort.

This new service is presented as a safe and reliable solutionin line with the rest of the company’s products. It stands out for offering an intuitive interface and functions that allow users to store, organize and protect their passwords and personal data efficiently. It is 100% focused on privacy, and its European origin guarantees strict privacy and data protection standards, aligned with the regulations of the European Union.

Everything that pCloud Pass offers to keep your keys 100% secure

pCloud Pass Screenshots

Screenshots of pCloud Pass on an Android smartphone

The new pCloud offers us all those functions that we would expect to find in a password manager first class, and also incorporates some useful tools that promise to make Internet security management much easier.

Among its most interesting features, of course, the possibility of store passwords, secure notes, credit card data and other sensitive elements, as well as autofill of credentials and forms in apps and browser.

It also incorporates a strong and unique password generator, so you can make sure all your accounts stay protected and you don’t have to remember all the passwords you use.

The app also incorporates some cool features like biometric unlock support such as fingerprint or facial recognition, an option of search that makes it easy to find the password or card details you are looking for, or the possibility of classify saved items via tags.

If you were already using a password manager, pCloud Pass makes the transition easy through a tool that allows you import all passwordseither from a browser, another password manager, or a CSV file.

Where is it available?

How could it be otherwise, pCloud Pass is a cross-platform servicethat offers native apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Androidas well as a extension for major browsers that allows you to access passwords and let them be autofilled automatically on websites.

All applications and extensions can be download for free through the pCloud Pass download page.

pCloud Pass on an Android smartphone

The pCloud Pass app for Android mobiles

How much does pCloud Pass cost?

What if I told you that you don’t need to pay anything to be able to use pCloud Pass? The service offers payment methods, but if what you are looking for is a safe, simple password manager with enough toolsyou can access the free plan.

This plan offers you the possibility of keep one device awake, secure password generator, unlimited contact list and the option to share securely with a contact. The rest of the functions are included by default.

There is also the possibility of contract a Premium plan or a Family plan of up to five members, being able to pay the fee monthly, annually or make a single payment for life to have access to all functions of the service. The Premium plan costs 29 euros per year and the family plan costs 49 euros. Or if you are interested in saving even more, you can take advantage of the lifetime plans and make a single payment of 149 euros for the Premium plan or one of 253 euros for the family plan.

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