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new Threads service syncs with other social networks


Meta** Releases Twitter* Competitor: New Threads Service Syncs With Other Social Networks

The social media site runs a countdown to the launch of a new player in the social media universe.

Ahead of the launch of its competitor Twitter* Meta** launched website new Threads application, counting down the time until the service starts.

Depending on the device you use to access the site, it will display differently. When viewed from an Android device, the message at the bottom of the page says Threads is “coming soon for Android”, while on iOS devices it shows link in App Store to pre-order the app for download, but the Play Store link is not yet available. When visiting the site from a computer, the user sees a QR code leading to the same download page .

Site display on Android (left), iOS (right) and PC (bottom)

Experts examined an early version of the Threads app for Android, which appeared ahead of schedule in the Play Store over the weekend. Inside the app, we found a few key details about how Threads is closely related to Instagram** but different from it.

  • You can choose to automatically follow people in the Threads you follow in Instagram. In this case, the target user must have an account in Threads. If there is no account, then the user’s profile will be displayed as “pending” until he registers in Threads;
  • Each user in the privacy settings of the profile can limit the circle of people who can subscribe to him in Threads;
  • A Threads profile uses the username, display name, and profile photo from Instagram;
  • Anyone you block on one service will also be blocked on another;
  • You can follow and unfollow different accounts in Threads and Instagram, while the blocked user will not be able to see your profile in both applications;
  • Threads can connect to Fediverse– social media such as Mastodon. That is, the user can follow and interact with people on other platforms. Other users can also find you by your username “@ »;
  • If you choose to restrict responses to a post, it will not be distributed outside of the Threads app and will not available to your followers on other Fediverse platforms.

Digging deeper into the code, the experts found that Threads could indeed have a web application. At the very least, Threads profile links are very similar to Instagram profile links. The links simply add the username after the base URL “”.

Application page in the App Store

The launch of Threads is expected to be a significant event in the social media world. Its close association with Instagram and potential interactions with Fediverse platforms make Threads a unique offering for users looking for new ways to connect and collaborate.

But before Threads can set a new standard, it must overcome a number of challenges. The ability to block in both apps and some other features can cause privacy issues that Meta will need to handle carefully. In addition, competition from Twitter may be tough.

Either way, Threads is a new step for Meta towards creating a more tightly connected, diverse and interactive social platform. Users and social media experts around the world are looking forward to the launch to see if Threads can exceed expectations and change the face of social media.

* The social network is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.

** The Meta company and its products (Instagram and Facebook) are recognized as extremist, their activities are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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