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Newzoo: Gamers spent $92.3 billion in 2022, down 2.2% from 2021, and spent less time playing games


Newzoo: Gamers spent $92.3 billion in 2022, down 2.2% from 2021, and spent less time playing games

Newzoo analysts who research the video game market revealed how much money gamers spent on games in 2022. This amount was $92.3 billion, which is 2.2% less than in 2021.

What else is known

Basic data from the report:

  • The market for games on PC and consoles. The numbers may have dropped since the coronavirus pandemic, but the overall numbers are optimistic. There are also still opportunities to reach over a billion PC players and 611 million console players.
  • Time spent in games. Average game time has decreased by 23% on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation from 2021 to 2022.
  • Trends in game development. Due to the pandemic, many companies have delayed the release of their games from 2022 until at least 2023. These delays have significantly impacted costs, but this year should be big hits.
  • Key trends in business models. More publishers are turning their core franchises into service models. In the coming years, Newzoo analysts expect companies to opt for fewer new releases and focus on extending the life of existing franchises, especially given the success of games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and ROBLOX.
  • Games and the surrounding media ecosystem. 2022 was a turning point for transmedia strategies. The film adaptation of The Last of Us and the anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners skyrocketed the popularity of the franchise.
  • Demographic and personal analysis of gamers on PC and consoles. Over the past six months, two out of three gamers have played on PC or console, and 72% of gamers have used at least two platforms. And 40% of the total number of players on PC and consoles are girls.
  • How much do gamers spend on games:
  1. Console games: $51.8 billion
  2. PC digital/physical games: $38.2 billion
  3. PC browser games: $2.3 billion

Newzoo also notes that PC and console game development will remain viable in the coming years thanks to services, better access to hardware, and hybrid monetization.

Source: newzoo, gamesindustry

Illustration: newzoo

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