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One of Xiaomi’s best 4K smart TVs has a 100-euro discount


Enjoy your favorite movies and series like never before. This TV is great.

One of Xiaomi's best 4K smart TVs has a 100-euro discount
The front of the Xiaomi TV F2.

You don’t have to pay a lot to get a good smart TV. One of the smart TVs that we have recommended the most falls in price, it can be yours for 100 euros less. We talk about the Xiaomi 50-inch TV F2a complete and well-manufactured device with which you will enjoy every day. Also, if you are a user of Amazon Prime You will receive it at home quickly and free of charge.

Our protagonist lives thanks to Fire TV OS, the operating system that Amazon has created for televisions. It will open before you a world of possibilities and will allow you to download the best series and movies applications. I assure you, this F2 TV is much more than a television. We tell you everything you need to know.

Xiaomi F2 50″ TV

Buy the Xiaomi TV at the best price

The 50 inches diagonally with which this television arrives will fill your living room. It has 4K resolutionyour favorite content will look great in a front where there are hardly any frames. You will feel that the cinema has come to your home.

As we’ve pointed out, the operating system that brings it to life is Fire TV OS, and it couldn’t be a better choice. we are before a nice and fast operating system that moves very smoothly. You will have a huge application store to get the best ones, you will not miss anything.

We cannot talk about one of Amazon’s operating systems without mentioning alexayour virtual helper. You will only have to call her with the button that you will find on the remote, she will always be available to answer all kinds of questions. It can even search YouTube videos for you or Netflix movies.. She will be your faithful ally.

Xiaomi F2 50″ TV

Less than 350 euros to take you home one of the most popular and recommended smart TVsless than 350 euros to enjoy a huge variety of content at home. In addition, it comes together with Fire TV OS, a high-level operating system that will allow you to live great experiences.

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