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Online meetup CyberCamp «Offensive Security»


On July 13 at 11:00 am, the CyberCamp team invites you to join the Offensive Security training meetup online.

erid: Kra23ssMx

At the CyberCamp summer meetup, we will take a walk along the outer perimeter of the infrastructure! Some companies have only mail and web applications on the external frontier, others have many more services. And in some cases, it is not even always clear which corporate resources are available from the Internet and which attacks can go through external services.

From the reports you will learn what it has to do with collecting information from open sources, how Recon helps pentesters, what is wrong with web application patch management, and much more.

The traditional three tasks on the cyber-exercise platform will be available to everyone.

In a programme:

  • GEOINT: human geolocation search methodology
  • Dukera, OSINT Mindset Community

  • The Basics of Passive Goal Information Gathering: What You Need to Know
  • Dmitry Bogachev, Jet Infosystems

  • Weekdays of a web pentester. The most interesting bugs of the last year
  • Dmitry Kuramin, Jet Infosystems

  • Breaking the Perimeter: A Comparison of Tactics and Techniques of Attackers and Pentesters
  • Oleg Senko, Kaspersky Lab

  • Social in real life
  • Georgy Starostin, JSC “SOGAZ”

Participate in cyber exercises at meetups and get into the end-to-end rating. Participants who take the first 10 places in the end-to-end rating based on the results of all meetups will have the opportunity to nominate a team to CyberCamp 2023 without pre-selection.

It will be of interest to all information security specialists at the Junior and Middle level.

Registration on the site.

Ask questions to the speakers and the CyberCamp team in the live chat or in advance in CyberCamp telegram channel .

Participation is free.

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