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only a very small number of them will be produced


The luxury electric scooter has just hit the market in a tiny quantity.

McLaren has just launched the most exclusive electric scooter: only a very small number of them will be produced
It is a commitment by McLaren and LAVOIE for exclusivity

The electric scooters They have become a real necessity. Mobility in big cities is increasingly complicated and scooters aim make everything more sustainable so that in a few minutes we get where we need without a large expense attached to them. Thus, we find great brands that have scootersas is the case of xiaomi electric scooter.

How could it be otherwise, the Luxury brands have also joined the rage caused by electric scooters and McLaren, the prestigious English automotive brand, has been one of the first to announce one of its scooters. In this case, one of the most exclusive that we can find.

McLaren’s most exclusive scooter: LAVOIE Series 1

LAVOIE is the brand that McLaren has founded to invest heavily in the electric scooter market. Teaming up with Callum, one of the most famous design and engineering brands in the British Isles, she has launched a scooter that has as its own goal ROUTE change the way we understand urban mobility and the ways in which we can move around the city. This is something that has been changing for some time, since the scooter alternative is not new, but LAVOIE wants to bring it to a fever pitch in the luxury market.

Thus, the brand has launched the LAVOIE series 1 which has great performance and luxury. It also seeks to be safe, to have a Great style and above all, being stable, one of the main concerns when using this type of product. According to statements for DesignBoomElliot Wertheimer, one of the CEOs of the brand, assures the following:

There is a perception that electric scooters are unsafe and uninteresting. These concepts do not align with the great solution they are for urban mobilityand its current security profile. This is what has motivated McLaren to launch LAVOIE. We’ve redesigned and reinvented the electric scooter to create a vehicle people can be proud of. It can be an object of desire while being functional and useful. A device that empowers the ambition of urban dwellers.

One of the most notable points is the little space it occupies. With the FlowFold™ system, the scooter folds itself by pressing just a button making it incredibly compact compared to other scooters that are really big once we fold them. The design also allows greater stability, safety and comfort while having a shock absorbing ability which other brands do not have. In addition, the system provides stability even when not in use. When we are standing on it we will not have to put one foot on the ground to find balance.

In general, it is a clear bet of McLaren for bringing the best products to market with the aim of surprising locals and strangers with a technology that each day occupies a more important space in our lives.

Now, it is only going to be manufactured a very small number of these scooters. The idea is that they are really exclusive, so they have only been put up for sale 469 units to reinforce the image of exclusivity of the brand.

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