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AI allows you to effectively deal with school shooting and other acts of violence with weapons


AI allows you to effectively deal with school shooting and other acts of violence with weapons

One of the American museums has already introduced new technology into its security system, but opponents of artificial intelligence are skeptical.

The American Frost Science Museum, located in Miami, Florida, implemented new recognition technology using artificial intelligence and machine learning. It allows you to quickly determine the presence of firearms or bladed weapons among visitors to the institution using external and internal video surveillance cameras, as well as instantly send a signal to the nearest police station.

In addition, the new technology allows in a matter of minutes to match the face of a terrorist with a police base and determine his identity, if the data on him is in the system. The development is also capable of transmitting real-time data to the police about the location of the offender within the building, supplying this data with his photographs for quick identification.

Reportedly, the new system developed by the company BeMotion, is completely software-based and easily integrates with the organization’s existing cameras. It can be programmed to recognize a huge variety of different types of weapons.

Demonstration of the recognition system BeMotion

“Any tool is useful when every second counts. Therefore, we will use everything that will help ensure the preventive protection of our visitors and employees, ”said a spokesman for the Frost Science Museum.

The potential of technology is huge and can save more than one hundred lives. Airports, schools, universities are large buildings that are often not easy to secure. Well programmed artificial intelligence simply will not be able to “blink” the beginning of an armed act of violence, unlike a living person who can be distracted, doze off, move away from CCTV cameras, thereby losing precious time.

It is worth noting that the development of BeMotion is not the first such technology. Formerly another American company called Zero Eyes also began to deliver a similar software solution to educational institutions in the United States.

As an example for the use of such technologies, use the recent brutal schoolshooting , which took place in March of this year in Nashville, Tennessee. It is quite possible that if this school had been equipped with such a recognition system, the police would have been able to catch up earlier and save at least some of the victims of this terrible tragedy.

The purpose of such technologies is only one – to help the police detain criminals even before they have time to make at least one shot. Critics of artificial intelligence do not want to trust their lives to “soulless machines” and do not believe that such developments can provide absolute protection.

However, most organizations where an armed criminal could potentially come are not at all against such technologies, as they consider them an additional and very effective layer of protection for their organizations, visitors and employees.

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