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Original parts of Soulcalibur can get remasters


Original parts of Soulcalibur can get remasters

According to insider Nick Baker, which he shared on the latest episode of the podcast Xbox Era, several classic parts of the fighting game SoulCalibur will receive remasters. This was reported to him personally by a source, according to which Bandai Namco is preparing remasters of the previous parts of the series. Although Nick himself is not sure if this will be a remake of the original parts, or some kind of collection.

He also suggests that some kind of remaster might already be in the works and that he might even have some kind of Game Pass deal, but Baker immediately warned that he had no information that could confirm this.

In particular, Nick has a fairly accurate history regarding information leaks, including games being added to PlayStation Plus, though given the nature of the rumors, this could go either way.

There have been remakes in the franchise’s history when SoulCalibur II received an HD version for PlayStation 3 and Xbox in 2013. But the third, fourth and fifth parts of the series remained without updates, and their versions for the Xbox 360 were not even included in the backward compatibility program.


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