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Over 70 games will be available on Steam Deck at launch


Over 70 games will be available on Steam Deck at launch

Valve’s Steam Deck is coming out in less than a month, and you can already see what games you can play on this console. The SteamDB portal has named which games Valve has already tested and evaluated for its future portable device.

According to data sourced from SteamDB, Valve has rated 70 games for Steam Deck compatibility. Although the results are not yet available on the Steam store, you can check which games will work with your console according to with this list.

Valve went into detail about the Steam Deck verification system late last year, where we learned about four levels of compatibility within the system. The highest level is “Verified”, which means that the game has passed Valve’s tests for controller input and other factors applicable to Steam Deck. The next highest is “Playable”, which means the game will work, but some tweaks may be required – such as a community-created controller configuration – for the best experience. “Unsupported” games will not work on Steam Deck, and “Unknown” games have not yet been tested by Valve.

So far, 64 out of 70 games tested have been tested and should work on Steam Deck without any issues. Some of the main ones are indies: Cuphead, Celeste, The Messenger and Death’s Door, as well as some more performance demanding games like Death Stranding, Portal 2, Dark Souls 2,3 and others.

So far, this bodes well for Steam Deck, as just about every game tested seems to work well with the system. Steam Deck officially releases on February 25th.

A source: SteamDB

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