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Paper Rex’s VALORANT has decided to bring a new player, Something, for the first time. plus an intense show in the battle between T1


Sunday, April 9, 2023, 11:00 a.m. 43 p.m., Indochina time.

His appearance made him return to the industry. value Shake By going back a few days ago, there was news about the agency. Paper Rex That has been rumored about “new players like something There are plans to make an official debut in the show. VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Pacific League in a pair of T1 vs. Paper Rex this “

After the competition started, it seemed that the rumors were true as expected because something has jumped into the competition for Paper Rex True, even if only 1 map, but that was enough to show off his skills today.

and because the way something is one of the position players duel like CauseN and Jing therefore requiring a slight position adjustment The player lineup in the first map, Pearl, will consist of the following players.

  • something | duel
  • Jingdi | Duel
  • Mindfreak | Operator
  • d4v41 | Originator (IGL)
  • f0rsakN |


Although the picture of CauseN in position garrison will not be very familiar with the eyes since room ability has been adjusted down but have to admit that he can do his own duty as Killjoy very well, and also show off skills by collecting Ace to the team 2 Once stuck and still going to the opposite side of the knife to show it again, it can be said that it is extremely naughty for this young man.

part of the player something which was his debut, he came out to show his skills no less than each other Whether it’s a way to play w Freeze until the flutter is hard to catch As a result, this battle became one of the birth announcements. which shows the ability of something very well

but the intensity of something just came out to shine 1 map only because after that way Paper Rex Decided to go back to using the same players in the map decisive before winning a chill with a score 2 – 0 (13:3 , 13:6)

Finally, after the end of this fierce battle something came out to say GG (good game) to competitors via Twitter Personally, to show the spirit of the competitors and inside there were fans who came to congratulate and praise each other immensely, including I send one of the position players duel of Explosion FocusMe came out and said jokingly that

“Send me some strength (talent)”

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