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Programmers in the classical sense will disappear within five years


Programmers in the classical sense will disappear within five years

The creator of Stable Diffusion is confident that AI will turn our familiar world upside down.

Emad Mostak, founder and CEO of the company Stability AI predicts that artificial intelligence will completely change our world in the near future.

IN recent interview Mostak talked about the current state of the AI ​​industry, as well as his vision for its development. He acknowledged that it is difficult to predict more than five years ahead, but said that “in five years there will be no more programmers.” At least in the classical sense of the profession.

The future for “human coders” is not very bright, says Mostak. His arguments are supported by data from GitHub, which show that “41% of all code is now generated by AI”. And this trend will obviously only gain momentum in the future.

Mostak predicts a revolutionary change in our communication and access to information. “By the end of next year, I think we will have ChatGPT right on your mobile phone, without internet. With AI models running entirely on mobile devices, offline, our communication could undergo a radical transformation.

Against the backdrop of rapid developments in the field of AI, concerns about its potential impact on the world are only growing. Mostak says that Stability AI solves this problem by creating personalized models. The goal of the developers is to give every person, company or culture the opportunity to have a personalized AI system that reflects their own narratives and unique perspectives.

AI decentralization is a key element of their strategy, Mostak explains. He is convinced that AI technology should benefit people, not work against them. However, there are inevitable concerns about job retention.

In this regard, Emad Mostak paints a different picture. He approaches the AI ​​revolution with optimism and sees artificial intelligence as a tool that enhances human potential, not a threat that destroys it. “People are people. Bring them the information that has the most value, and you will change the world, ”summed up Mostak.

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