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PUBG under Qconfirm announces the acquisition of three players from Magic Esport to strengthen the army and get the 3rd place since the first practice room in 2023 !!


Friday, January 13, 2023, 8:19:32 a.m. Indochina time

After in the past, the most sad news about Two famous affiliations of the industry PC PUBG at magic sport and Chonburi which has announced the end of the role for the team PC PUBG official Which can go to read more details inthis article

Although in the past there have been sad news without a break Even so, this sadness did not affect the famous agency confirmation queue In any way, because the last way confirmation queue has officially announced the launch of three new players into the team which consists of

  • has been verified
  • Leonz𝗤 ( AOHUAMANI )

For the interest of the new line-up of confirmation queue They have decided to pull players from the team. magic sports who recently announced the termination of the role of the team PC PUBG Went not long ago, came in a whole set and the way confirmation queue Got a great player of the agency magic sports Then it should help raise the level for their team to perform better than ever, more or less for sure.

which in the first tour of the year 2023 Even if it’s just a team rehearsal in the list. FPS Thailand Pro Invitational 2023 but must admit that the work of confirmation queue After getting three players from magic sports Acquired is considered to be excellent. by being able to finish in the ranks 3 and able to grab chicken up to 4 games from all competitions 30 The game can be called the first launch that has worked out very well. for the first year 2023 of confirmation queue

have to wait and see if the work after this confirmation queue will come out better than before, how much and the industry game How many more player changes will there be? have to wait and follow each other

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