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P’Wan, CEO of MiTH, joins hands with the famous gaming chair brand DXRacer, preparing to release new products on June 1.


Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 7:22:01 PM, Indochina time

Sale is coming! When a famous fan page like ” elder glasses has announced the preparation of a new product which is a handshake between the agencies myth with a famous chair brand like DX Razer For the aforementioned products, the color theme of the agency will be picked up. myth Which consists of black, red and gold to use perfectly and is extremely beautiful and plans to be sold through the store cute boy official June 1, 2023 this

If asked about the price of the chair DXRacer x MiTH that way” elder glasses “Has revealed the price of such products that” will be around. 15,000 baht ” and if compared with gaming chair other versions of DX Razer It can be considered that the price is quite reasonable.

Of course, the announcement of the handshake releases various products under the store. cute boy That’s not the first time, because in the past, “Pee Wan” has invited many influencers to join in releasing various products, whether Bay Reef 9ARM , Fox and many others for fans to enter and collect collections

Have to wait and follow each other that in the future ” elder glasses ” and ” cute boy “What products will come out to surprise and collect again in the future, we have to wait and follow.

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