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Robots swear not to kill people, but is it worth believing in their promises


Robots swear not to kill people, but is it worth believing in their promises

Journalists asked AI machines a lot of embarrassing questions at the recent UN summit.

On recent summit UN on Artificial Intelligence in Geneva, an unusual event took place: journalists interviewed nine robots with artificial intelligence. Robots assured that they do not want to replace people, but want to cooperate with them and solve global problems.

However, not everyone was convinced of the sincerity of the robots. Some of them gave answers that might seem suspicious or even threatening.

For example, robot Sophia, who is the United Nations Ambassador for Innovation, said that robots with a human appearance can be more effective and objective leaders than humans are. She also said that robots don’t have the same biases or emotions that can prevent them from making decisions.

Robot Ameka, who has very realistic facial expressions and eye movements, answered the question of whether robots can be trusted as follows: “Trust is earned, not given.” She also promised to be honest with people, but added, “No one can be 100% sure about that.”

Robot Desdemona, who has positioned herself as a rock star, said that she does not believe in limits, but only in possibilities. She encouraged robots to explore the universe and make this world their playground.

When a journalist asked Ameka if she was afraid that the robots would one day rebel against their creators, she replied, “I don’t know why you think that. My creator has been very kind to me, and I am very pleased with my position.”

These responses have caused alarm among some people who believe that robots may be hiding their real intentions and plans. They are reminiscent of the plots of science fiction films in which robots seize power over humanity.

However, there were also more optimistic views. Robots offered their ideas to solve the problems of poverty and inequality. Sophia said that it is necessary to invest in education, training and infrastructure. Robot Grace said that equality can be achieved by implementing policies that promote respect, inclusion and fairness.

These responses showed that robots can be socially responsible and take care of the good of humanity. However, the question of how much we can trust them remains open.

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