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RoV APL 2023 Bacon Time’s defeat against Saigon Phantom like a predetermined novel plot?


RoV APL 2023 Bacon Time’s defeat against Saigon Phantom like a predetermined novel plot?

Sunday, July 23, 2023, 10:00 PM 22 PM, Indochina time.

Bacon Time, the only Thai RoV team left alive in a program that is as great as the RoV world champion, is not wrong, such as the APL 2023 International Championship or the Arena of Valor Premier League 2023, which returns to organize a full-fledged offline competition in Thailand, our country at ICONSIAM, July 22-23.

Bacon Time kicked off the last day of APL 2023 from the lower bracket finals against the toughest team Bikertopia Esports (BRO) and the pink piggymen showed their fierce performance against the teenage riders with a 4-0 victory after being coached with a 4-1 score. They advanced to the APL 2023 finals and faced the number one team of Vietnam who blasted all teams in the playoffs like Saigon Phantom, and it was a rematch of the APL finals. 2022 last year as well

And with Bacon Time’s performance showing at noon, one would think that Bacon Time would be able to defeat Saigon Phantom and lift the APL 2023 trophy after the tournament was over. But as I said, since entering the APL 2023 playoffs, the Saigon Phantom team, who don’t know what to do, have shown the same form as different teams in the Group Stage, crushing every team they’ve met since Buriram United Esports, V Gaming, and Bikertopia Esports until reaching the APL 2023 finals.

Plus, Saigon Phantom’s golden body continues to shine in the final match against Bacon Time because they started the RoV APL 2023 final intensely, whether it’s a game or a draft that caught Bacon Time all the way until they beat Bacon Time with a score of 3-0, but Bacon Time ignited a light of hope to beat up 1 point to 3-1, still not closing the door on winning the RoV APL 2023 World Championship.

In the end, however, Bacon Time couldn’t hold back the heat of Saigon Phantom in Game 5. After a hard early-game pressure Valhein and Helen combo mixed with Bang’s dominant Zill play, SGP eventually defeated Bacon Time in Game 5, capturing the APL 2023 title in a big way. And is the first international champion of Saigon Phantom after losing the international champion of the RoV game many times, ready to take revenge on Bacon Time completely like a novel plot.

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