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RoV APL 2023 Conclusion After a week, something unexpected happened. Part 1


RoV APL 2023 Conclusion After a week, something unexpected happened. Part 1

Tuesday, July 4, 2023, 6:09:23 PM Indochina time

The Arena of Valor Premier League 2023 or APL 2023 international RoV championship is held in an offline format in Thailand. By now the competition has been about 1 week, so let’s see a summary of what the past competitions of the Thai RoV team on the world stage have been interesting. and must be picked up to talk about The author would like to divide it into 2 parts in order to receive information to the fullest extent. In this article, we will talk about Bacon Time and Valencia CF Esports, whose results are on fire.

Bcaon Time, the champion of the RoV Pro League, continues to be in brutal form.

Bacon Time, the RoV Pro League 2023 Summer champion, who is in Group B and known as the best RoV team in the world, is now showing a furious performance in the international arena. Because after 3 matches, they swept the victory, winning 3 full points, becoming one of the favorites to win the APL 2023 championship, but in the next match they will face a team in hot form. And from the same country as Valencia CF Esports, will the pink piglet put out the heat of the bat? It’s very interesting.

Valencia CF Esports bats with amazing results

What is remarkable is the performance of Valencia CF Esports at this tournament as their 3rd international tournament and also comes with a new line-up. 1st in Group B (same group as Bacon Time) with 3 wins in a row as well Plus it’s a win without losing a single game (Win 6 games in a row), now RoV team Valencia CF Esports are steadily raising the bar in the APL 2023, but have to wait and see if they still pass the rock. Like Bacon Time?

It’s over for the summary of the RoV APL 2023 competition for 2 teams, representatives from Thailand, degree champions and runner-ups of the past RoV Pro League 2023 Summer like Bacon Time and Valencia CF Esports, which if they still show this hot form Going into the playoffs wouldn’t be a problem for them. But as I said, they will have to cut each other in the next match to decide who will be number 1 in the group and I can say that it should come out as fun as many people have been waiting for.

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