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RoV Rerank Season 25, what do you need to know?


Wednesday, January 11, 2023, 3:53:40 PM, Indochina time

Now, the RoV Season 25 game or the latest patch RoV game has already been updated to the game in the Thai server. Of course, every new season of RoV will come with a RoV rerank so that players can sit and collect RoV stars to climb the RoV rank again, and also comes with a new RoV hero like Bonnie.

In RoV Season 25, the details of the rerank have been revealed. Which is nothing different from when the reranked RoV Season 24 at all, because Suprene Conqueror ranks of 51 stars or higher in RoV Season 24 will be reranked to the Commander II rank, while Conqueror 41-0 stars will be chased away. From Commander, III Commander IV, Commander V, Diamond I and Daimond II respectively.

The next rank, Commander I – Commander V, will go down to Daimond III (Commander I – Commander II), while Commander III – Commander IV will go down to Daimond IV and Commander V will end up on Diamond V.

As for the RoV teenagers, the Daimond I – Platinum V rank will not change much. Because it will fall in the ranks of Platinum I, Platinum II, Platinum, III, Platinum, IV, Platinum V and Gold V, respectively, in the image below. Current only 1 step or no reduction at all

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