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RoV: Saigon Phantom wins Vietnam Pro League Arena of Glory Spring 2023 with a new national record


Thursday, May 18, 2023 at 1:59:30 PM, Indochina time.

Now the RoV Pro League competition in Vietnam like Arena of Glory Spring 2023 or AOG 2023 has ended, with the strongest former champion of the RoV Vietnamese team like Saigon Phantom or SGP returning to form a god of vengeance defeating V Gaming 4. -2 in the Grand Finals final match Ready to receive quota rights to compete in APL 2023 together with V Gaming (2nd place team) and HEAVY (3rd place team)

Saigon Phantom got off to a difficult start to the Arena of Glory Spring 2023 Playoffs as their rivals, V Gaming, dropped to the bottom bracket with a 4-2 scoreline, forcing them to flee from their bottom bracket match. HEAVY, the dark horse of this season’s RoV Pro League Vietnam, plus HEAVY’s form must be said to be very strong because they entered the playoffs with a 4-0 thrashing of HQ Esports, but when facing a solid like V Gaming said that the brutal form that has been made must collapse

Because Saigon Phantom can use the word collapse like the HEAVY team can do as well. Because they won the game with a overwhelming score of 4-0, and with a win like this, Saigon Phantom’s confidence peaked in rematching against V Gaming again in the final. The result of the match came out as reported above that Saiigon Phantom was able to win 4-2 games against V Gaming after fighting evenly in the first 4 games, but in the last 2 games, Saigon Phanton showed the former champion form. see each other

And after Saigon Phantom defeated V Gaming to win the RoV Pro League Vietnam Arena of Glory Spring 2023, Saigon Phantom established themselves as the team that won the Arena of Glory Spring 2023 4 times in a row, as Team Flash did. hold But one thing they are better than Team Flash is that they are now the first Vietnamese RoV team to win the Arena of Glory Spring as many as 6 times.

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