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Russia proposes to introduce a six-day work week


Russia proposes to introduce a six-day work week

Now we will have more time for work and development.

Association of entrepreneurs for the development of business patriotism “Avanti” applied to the head of the Ministry of Labor Anton Kotyakov with a proposal to introduce a six-day work week in Russia. This initiative is designed to strengthen the country’s economy and achieve the goals set by President Vladimir Putin for 2023.

The authors of the appeal note that before the imposition of sanctions in 2014, the Russian economy showed stable growth and was among the largest economies in the world. However, sanctions restrictions have increased significantly, which has increased the burden on the economic sector.

The appeal also notes that thanks to the actions of the government and the Central Bank, the economy and the national currency of Russia withstood the blow and demonstrated resistance to stress. However, there is still a need for additional investments for the financial and economic system.

The increase in the working week, according to the authors of the initiative, will help to increase the strength of the Russian economy in the face of modern challenges and achieve the set goals. Particular attention is paid to technological and industrial breakthrough, strengthening economic sovereignty and reducing dependence on foreign institutions.

The authors of the appeal find support for the proposal on a six-day working week in the historical experience of Russia. During the Great Patriotic War, Russian workers were already working six or even seven days a week. After the war, the working day was gradually reduced to seven hours with a six-day work week, and in 1967 a five-day work week with an eight-hour work day was introduced.

This initiative also has precedent in other countries. For example, Nepal and Iran already have six-day working weeks, while Belgium and Turkey allow employment up to 48 hours a week.

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