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rollable and capable of measuring your stress level


Samsung is not satisfied with folding screens and presents even more innovative new technologies.

Samsung launches new mobile screens: rollable and capable of measuring your stress level
The new Samsung screens arrive prepared to give life to the mobiles of the future

Taking advantage of the celebration of the fair exhibition week that is taking place in Los Angeles throughout this week, samsung screen has taken the opportunity to present to the world its new display technologiesaimed at giving life to the smartphones and tablets of the future. On this occasion, the brand has shown new prototypes of roll-up screensas well as a new model called “OLED Sensor Display”capable of detecting fingerprints along its entire surface and carrying out measurements of different parameters related to health.

It is not the first time that samsung it shows us screens capable of being unrolled to increase their surface areabut this time the brand wanted to go further. Under the name of flexible roll uphides a new type of flexible screen capable of relax to go from 49 millimeters to 254.4 millimeters, multiplying its length by five.

On the other hand, Samsung has also shown its new type of folding screen, Flex In&Outthat takes the format of devices like the S one level furtherSamsung Galaxy Z Fold4to the allow folding the screen both in and out.

Samsung Flex In and Out Screen

Samsung’s new Flex In And Out screen allows you to fold the panel in or out

Although perhaps the most interesting novelty of all those shown at the event is Sensor OLED Display. It is a new type of panel capable of detect fingerprints anywhere from the screen. In addition, it is capable of detect abnormalities in cardiovascular health without the need to include a separate module under the panel as is the case with most on-screen fingerprint readers available today.

Samsung explains that Sensor OLED Display is capable of measure heart rate, blood pressure or even stress levels. To do this, you only need the user touch the screen with two fingers.

Samsung OLED Sensor Display

The new Sensor OLED Display screen developed by Samsung Display

“Light from the OLED is reflected differently based on the contraction and relaxation of the blood vessels inside the finger, and when it returns to the panel, the OPD recognizes it and converts it into health information.”

For now, the brand has not revealed if it plans to use one of these new panels in its future devices aimed at consumers. However, Samsung Display offers its services to other companies beyond Samsung, so it is not ruled out that the rest of the firms could begin to use the new technologies presented during SID Display Week 2023 before the South Korean brand itself.

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