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Safari already has more than a billion users


Apple’s browser continues to grow and Safari users are already more than a billion.

Safari already has more than a billion users
Safari Surpasses 1 Billion Users

Safari has improved a lot in recent years becoming the preferred option by Apple users. And it is not only because of its integration with the entire Apple ecosystem, but also because of all the functions that have been added in recent years with each update of the operating systems.

Besides, its easy navigation on both iPhone and iPadit also makes users use Apple’s browser instead of competing ones. Although Apple’s browser has far fewer users than Chrome, it has recently managed to hit a magic number: over a billion users.

Safari Surpasses 1 Billion Users

According to a study of atlasvpnSafari has a 1 billion+ user basewhile Microsoft Edge, for example, is close to reaching the 300 million usersa figure that has grown by 50 million thanks to the implementation of ChatGPT.

Although microsoft edge It has very good numbers, the news is that Safari has managed to reach one billion users being the second most used browser behind Google Chrome which continues to be the most popular browser and its 3.4 billion of users endorse it.

Graphics users browsers

Graph made by AtlasVPN showing users of different browsers.

Safari is a far cry from Google Chrome’s figure with 1.1 billion usersbut according to AtlasVPN, this growth can be due to several factors: loyalty to the Apple brand, its seamless integration into all the company’s devices or Safari’s reputation for its Privacy & Security.

To calculate the number of users of each browser, the total Internet users from Internet World Stats were divided by 100 and multiplied by the browser’s percentage market share according to GlobalStats.

Although it is important to emphasize that user numbers are estimates that have been done for a study and the data could vary, it is clear that Safari is on the right track and already has some solid pillars that allow it to differentiate itself in certain aspects from the rest of the competing browsers.

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