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Samsung explains how the AI ​​behind the controversial Moon photos of the Galaxy S23 Ultra works


Samsung has responded to the controversy that said that the camera of the Galaxy S23 Ultra falsified the photos taken on the Moon.

Samsung explains how the AI ​​behind the controversial Moon photos of the Galaxy S23 Ultra works
A photo of the Moon taken with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

This week started with a controversy that splashed Samsung and its most recent models of the family samsung galaxy s23: and Reddit user tried to demonstrate that Samsung was falsifying the photographs taken of the Moon using the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultraclaiming that Samsung’s promotional materials were misleading, as they the camera adds detail to photos which are not really there. The same user carried out some experiments with which to demonstrate his discoveries.

But Samsung has not hesitated for a moment in respond to controversy. In fact, he already did it last year with a post in koreanthat he has now wanted to recover through his official blog. In it, it is explained in detail how the Scene Optimizer worksthe function included in the camera of its smartphones from the Galaxy S21 series, in charge of improving the quality of the photos, including the taken to the moon

Samsung’s “Scene Optimizer” at the center of controversy

Samsung begins by explaining how it works Scene Optimization mode when capturing a photo. Indicates that a combination of different techniques in order to generate an image with the highest possible quality.

“To take a clear photo of the moon, Galaxy cameras take advantage of Super Resolution to synthesize more than 10 images taken at 25x zoom or higher. The image taken at 25x zoom or higher must remove noise and improve clarity and other details.”

In the case of the photographs taken to the Moon, Samsung explains that its scene recognition model has been trained with different samples of images of the Moon, including photographs with various shapes, details, and lunar phases. When capturing an image, this model is used to detect the presence of the Moon in the scene and identify the area it occupies in the image. In those images in which the Moon is not visible (for example, because it is covered by clouds), the Scene Optimizer will not be able to identify the satellite and will not apply the adjustments.

Photos on the Moon with Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung is able to identify the Moon when taking a photo, even if the original image is blurry

The truly controversial comes in the next step. And not, Samsung does not superimpose a photo of the Moon as some users had suggested: actually, the software takes advantage of the Scene Optimizer training to apply improvementsconsisting of eliminating noise and increasing the level of detail of the image artificially, bringing the photograph taken by the user closer to what can be seen in the reference images used during training.

Moon image capture process

The diagram that explains how the photos taken to the Moon by Samsung mobiles work.

Therefore, yes, Samsung seems to be adding detail that “doesn’t exist” in the original scene when capturing images of the Moon with their smartphones, and there will be those who may come to believe that this technique implies falsify the photographs. However, this technique is not very different from what Google, Apple, Xiaomi or Samsung itself have been doing for years to improve the quality of any other type of image taken with their mobile cameras, taking advantage of advances in computational photography and artificial intelligence. And usually no one complains about it.

Samsung ends the publication ensuring that will continue to work on improving its Scene Optimizerwith the aim of reducing any type of confusion that could occur between the act of taking a photo of the real Moon or taking a photo of an image of the Moon. Also, he remembers that it is possible to deactivate the Scene Optimizer at any time through the settings of the camera app on their devices.

Samsung explains how the AI ​​behind the controversial Moon photos of the Galaxy S23 Ultra works samsung galaxy s23

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