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Second Dinner reveals the Marvel Snap content roadmap, featuring new battle modes and more.


Monday, December 19, 2022 at 11:56 PM 40 seconds, Indochina time.

Second Dinner developer Marvel Snap has released an updated roadmap for continued support of popular card games, though Marvel Snap will be fully launched on iOS and Android But still in the range early access on PC And many key features have not been added to the game. Can’t deny that Second Dinner They are aggressive in delivering updates. Marvel Snap These make this development roadmap even more exciting to see.

new plans of Second Dinner There are some interesting new additions as well as shifting previously revealed features to higher priority development. which features like Battle Mode vs. Friends has been promoted from “Developing” is “recently” Unfortunately, it’s the only major feature that’s been promoted, other features like modes. Unranked and PC Widescreen UI Both of them are still on the show. “Developing”

besides the part “recently” Of the roadmap there will be some other important additions noted by these features, including a name changer that allows players to change their in-game name, Arist Credits , Infinity Split Mods Allows players to see what mods are available on a given card. And it supports Russian and Vietnamese languages.

Second Dinner There’s still a strong feature list that’s a future concept or maybe a 2023 release if that makes sense. Whether it’s a guild, leaderboard for players. InfinityPC controller support, various in-game events and improvements Season Cache All is being considered. Simply put, Second. Dinner made a commitment to the players Marvel Snap that if they continue to play There will be many ideas to improve the game further.

Marvel Snap Now available on iOS, Android and PC

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