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Soul Land Reloaded v1.4.8 MOD APK (Damage/Defense Multiplier) Download


Soul Land Reloaded opens with fierce hits, is known as a game with great appeal, and is trusted by players. An exciting storyline also forms it; from the story between the heroes, players will help them go through difficulties and find empathy. Help for the reunions. Now that the black screen error has been fixed, we entrust this task to you, enter the game and confirm the start!

Soulland Reloaded


Joining the group of Soul Land Reloaded, heroes unlocked by players will be placed in different teams depending on their attack characteristics. The variety has made holding power increased, and facing stronger characters is no longer a difficult task. To be able to create the most overwhelming combination, the way you can do it is to team yourself and experiment in a few matches.

The system provides the function to buy more equipment for the character in the store with the bonus earned after each match, and the upgrade will take place quite often to be able to shape the hero to become the most perfect. Don’t think this is a waste because all your investment will be returned with daily progress, and ranking up on the leaderboard is not far away!

Soulland Reloaded


The world is chaotic by the appearance of many different forces, like a miniature city, the timeline displayed on the main screen in real-time. This helps Soul Land Reloaded score because it can imagine itself as a real world. In that world, battles take place every day, and in that situation, you should learn skills, practice hard to avoid surprise attacks more favorably, and turn the situation around at the last minute.

Developed a point system by participating in the game and performing daily roll calls; players will receive ten free pulls within seven days; trying your luck is sometimes fun. The difficulty of each level will increase gradually. The hero’s ability to summon and regenerate also shortens the time, providing better support during combat. Many participants received great incentives, which made them more satisfied with the game.

Soulland Reloaded


Soul Land Reloaded common house always creates fair competition on the leaderboard, it makes the game more tense and dramatic. Highlight the heroes in your collection to make them a real Soul Master. There are a few obstacles from the battle, the big bosses, and the friends around in every process. This is a game developed based on the plot of the Land of Souls, so those who love it can encounter familiar characters. What are you waiting for without trying to experience in this wonderful space?

Soulland Reloaded


It looks like the match is about to start; hit confirm to join and go through the process of collecting heroes, unlocking new characters, and forming teammates for them. Being fought in a beautiful graphic space with good sound quality, this is a memorable journey. Wish you have happy moments with it! Please leave your comments in the review section. This will help us improve the next version and create new features.

Soulland Reloaded

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