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Succubus Idle v1.14.02 MOD APK (Dumb Enemy) Download


The role-playing game Succubus Idle, developed by Mobirix, challenges players to do absolutely nothing. You’ll embark on an unending adventure alongside a cast of over a hundred playable personalities. Everyone in this cast is stunning and has unique talents.

As you travel from one level to the next, you’ll encounter monsters and bosses that must be defeated to gain experience and advance your character’s level. Gain additional capability by learning new abilities. In addition to honing their abilities, players should focus on increasing their ATK, HP, HP recovery, and so on. Enhanced durability for all characters with improved health and fortification. Players are taken on a journey through crisp visuals that lead them across fields and massive islands devoid of life. Battles are colorful and engaging for players, regardless of the impact of the character’s abilities. Additionally, players can choose from a wide variety of outfits and soundtracks.

You can engage in player-against-player (PVP) combat operations in real-time, in addition to player versus environment (PVE) activities. The in-game chat system allows you to communicate with other players. Your characters continue to fight for you and earn valuable rewards even when you’re not online. Simple controls, a diverse cast, and a stunning wardrobe system make Succubus Idle a joy to play. The crisp visuals carry gamers to many environments, such as pastures and large islands devoid of inhabitants. The conflicts are thrilling because the consequences of the characters’ talents are so striking. Numerous real-time player vs. player and player versus environment activities are available to participants.


  • Easy to enjoy 3D real-time role-playing game
  • System of hacking and slashing fighting with a spear.
  • a set of abilities that Kid Demon has earned throughout their development.
  • Over a hundred distinct companion systems, each making use of a different set of talents
  • The development and expansion of Kid Demon through the use of apparatus
  • A ranking system that incorporates ongoing rivalry
  • Content pertaining to PvP and demonic beast dungeons that can be awarded
  • A system like a village that allows users to communicate with one another in real-time
  • The Kid Demon wears a variety of outfits, each of which contributes to the character’s allure.
  • The structure is dormant but can still develop even through offline rewards.

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