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The 5 most important WhatsApp news of this last week


We review the most important changes that have come to WhatsApp over the last week.

The 5 most important WhatsApp news of this last week

These are all the new features that have come to WhatsApp over the last week

Today starts the last week of the year and WhatsApp continues to be updated with a series of new functionalities that will be arriving little by little to all users of the instant messaging client owned by Goal.

So, so that you are aware of all the new features of WhatsApp, we will detail below the 5 most important news that have come to the messaging app over the last 7 days.

This is everything new that has come to WhatsApp in the last week

Before I start telling you all the WhatsApp news of this last week, you should know that some are only available, at the moment, for WhatsApp Beta users and, therefore, they will still take some time to be included in the stable version of the messaging app.

The most important changes that have come to WhatsApp this week are the following:

  1. Recovery of messages deleted by mistake: without a doubt, the most outstanding novelty of WhatsApp this last week is the inclusion of an option that will allow you to recover a message deleted by mistake for a limited timesince you can only do it during the 5 seconds after removing it.
  2. The ability to report status updates: From now on, within the Status section, a new menu will appear through which you can report any Status update that is suspected of violating the WhatsApp terms of service.
  3. A new 6-digit verification code: in recent days, WhatsApp has included in its Beta version an option that allows you to generate a unique 6-digit code when you log in on another device with your WhatsApp account, which you have to enter on the new device to be able to link it with your account.
  4. Create custom lists for status updates: Another of the changes that WhatsApp is working on is the possibility of creating contact lists for your Status updates, in such a way that you can choose who can see a specific Status and who cannot.
  5. A new privacy option: Until now the “Share only with…” option was only available for Status updates, but very soon you will also be able to choose it in the “Last time and Online, Profile photo and Info” sections.
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If you want to always be up to date and not miss the news that comes to WhatsApp, we recommend sign up for their beta program Y keep the app always updated.

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