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The best cheap tablet for any task costs 359 euros


This device, as much as it annoys a lot of people, is a wonder you should have.

The best cheap tablet for any task costs 359 euros
Very good screen, great construction and fascinating durability over time.

Want buy a cheap tablet and you don’t know which one? There are many models on the market, from the cheapest from little-known manufacturers, to the most premium range from Apple and Samsung. However, the king of tablets remains the same year after year, the ipad. No matter the model, each one in a segment, They sweep both sales and good reviews.

Latest iPad, the 9th generation of 2021It is one of the most recommended at the moment, and they are difficult 359 euros on Amazon. and MediaMarkt they have matched the amazon priceboth stores being the ones with the best offer. In both it is about basic model with 64 GB of storage.

Apple iPad 9th generation. 64GB (2021)

Apple iPad 9th generation. 64GB (2021)

Buy the best cheap tablet at a reasonable price

iPad 2021

The 2021 iPad is one of the best value for money devices out there.

First we have your screen. This 2021 iPad mounts a 10.2″ IPS panel, Full HD resolution, 500 nits typical brightness and Retina Display technology. It is one of the most recommended 10-inch tablets. The panel looks great and has two speakers with great volume and definition.

What strikes me the most about the iPad is its brilliant constructionWell, this, being Apple’s cheapest tablet, imagined that they would reduce costs in this regard, and no. It is a tablet with premium construction, with a body unibody polished aluminumAvailable in 3 colors, and with a thickness of only 7.5 mm.

Inside it hides the heart of this beast of only 359 euros. It’s a 7nm Apple A13 Bionic processor that reaches speeds of up to 2.65 GHz and that is capable of breaking Antutu with its 644,000 points. This CPU is accompanied by 3 GB RAM, 64 GB internal memory and Apple’s quad-core graphics unit.

iPad 2021

The iPad 2021 is a highly recommended tablet, even if you don’t like Apple.

This 9th generation iPad it’s already updated to the latest version of iPadOS 17. The good thing about iPads is that they can keep you performing well all their lives and you will be able to update to various versions of iPadOS. At home I still have an iPad Air 2 and it has come to have iPadOS 16 with more than 6 years of life.

If you need to make video calls or FaceTime, this iPad incorporates a 12 MP front camera, better than 8 MP rear. However, with both you can take great photos for a tablet.

And one of the best features of an iPad is its battery. This model has a 8686mAh battery that will give us a autonomy close to 15-18 hours of use. For the use that is usually given to a tablet, it’s a barbaritylike the MacBook Air with M1 or M2 chip.

Apple iPad 9th generation. 64GB (2021)

Apple iPad 9th generation. 64GB (2021)

At the level of connectivity, this iPad 9 has Bluetooth 4.2 and dual-band Wi-Fi 5. They say it has poor WiFi coverage, but that depends a lot on the router or amplifier you use at home. You can also connect some bluetooth helmet or a good keyboard to be able to improve your productivity if you work with the iPad sometimes.

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