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The explosive novelty of Amazon Prime Video for the weekend of June 30 to July 2


The epic of this hero finally comes to an end

The explosive novelty of Amazon Prime Video for the weekend of June 30 to July 2
Prime Video marks the end of an era with the end of this series

From the Amazon Prime Video catalog The conclusion of one of the most interesting series that the platform has launched comes to us. We find a work of radical importance on the platform since for a few years he has been their winning horse. However, when the audiences have begun to falter, they have decided to give it a dignified ending and this It will be the last season that we can enjoy. Even so, the series offers commendable quality and is the only novelty of Amazon Prime Video for this week from June 26 to July 2

The end of a long road

Jack Ryan is a rather promising CIA analyst. His career is brilliant within the offices, since he is very smart and has a vision of the conflicts that allows him to contribute enough with their analyzes to the bodies that do go into action every day. However, everything will change when you have to do your first field mission. Thus, the protagonist will discover a form of communication that could cause terrorists to do a lot of damage in the heart of the West, for which he will have to change his way of life to put himself on the ground and curb these dangerous aspirations.

The truth is that the series is very well run and John Krasinski fits perfectly into the role for which he has been chosen. In this way, we will really believe that we are seeing a CIA agent with little experience to carry out a mission of radical importance.

Unfortunately, Prime Video has not finished being convinced by the premise, so they have decided not renewing the series for one more season. In this way, the team behind this series will conclude the plot this fourth season with a point and end that We hope that it will convince locals and strangers. In any case, it is not a bad idea for the series to have a conclusion, especially for those who do not like to wait for long years to see if their favorite series has an end and then see it cancelled. This is not the case, since you will have a clear and closed conclusion so that this is not a problem after the fact.

  • Is a spy series very interesting in which Jack Ryan builds as an agent over the seasons, contrary to those stories in which the protagonist is a real machine from the beginning. In fact, at first Ryan is just another analyst.
  • The premise is interesting, although it tends to fall into the classic Manichaean tropes that all Tom Clancy’s works present in which there is clearly good and evil.
  • John Krasinski is really good in the role, something that is already usual in his career, since he usually has quite a few acting resources.
  • It’s the last season, so if you want a series that has an already marked ending, this is the one for you.

From June 30th All users who have an active Amazon Prime Video subscription will be able to enjoy the end of this interesting series.

Watch “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” on Amazon Prime Video

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