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The former CEO of Google has issued a terrifying warning about Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligences have been on everyone’s lips in recent months. The last to speak was the former CEO of Google.

The former CEO of Google has issued a terrifying warning about Artificial Intelligence
Fear of AI is not just outside of the tech sector

The terror against artificial intelligence is becoming more palpable every day. It is true that for now everything has focused on the professions that are going to disappearbut before the analysis of some experts from the world of technology the dangers are many others. there is already AI that have been designed to destroy the world and they have even invented one that has been created to humiliate youbut for the moment its applications remain more in the anecdote than in reality for the great bulk of the population.

Now, Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google has warned about the dangers of AI. But he does not speak of today, but rather try to look to the future to show the dangers of it. Let’s see what she has told.

The serious warning about AI

In accordance with android authorityEric Schmidt has carried out a very interesting interview with the Wall Street Journal in London. There they have been talking about various issues, including the implications that artificial intelligence technology may have for the future. The result has been that Schmidt has explained his concerns about the future of this technology and the problems it can have if it falls into the wrong hands. His concerns have been expressed clearly and simply:

“There are scenarios, not today, but reasonably soon, where systems will be able to find exploits and cyber problems or discover new kinds of biology. Today all this is fictionbut it is reasonable that it will soon become a reality. When that happens, we will have to be prepared and safe that they are not used by evil people“.

In this way, it can be observed how their concerns are quite legitimate. We have to take into account that in the future AI can be used to do evilbeing able to inflict a lot of damage in large population groups. Therefore, you have to regulate it and work conscientiously to prevent something bad from happening to them.

In short:

  • Erich Schmidt was CEO of Google in the early 2000s.
  • He was interviewed by “The Wall Street Journal” on various topics, including AI.
  • Schmidt has become one of those voices concerned about AI.
  • Their concerns are for the future, not currently.
  • He thinks that in the future AIs could fall into the hands of evil people who could use them to create chaos on the internet and in real life.

Of course, the current CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, does not think like Schmidt. On the contrary, despite the fact that he believes that this type of technology must be regulated, he is also a firm defender of the need to continue researching and promoting it in order to have his power within reach. For this reason, Google has launched Bardhis alternative to ChatGPT with which he hopes to take over the market, or at least alleviate the fall, since bing has won many followers since you have seen integrated ChatGPT inside him.

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