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the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 “for Galaxy” will soon arrive at other brands


Whether or not it is identical to ‘for Galaxy’ (because there may be more optimizations) the intermediate version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 will arrive very soon for the next top of the range in 2023.

The party is over: the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 "for galaxy" coming soon to other brands
Samsung exclusively acquired an improved version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen2, but only for a limited time.

Although many of us asked for it years ago, the truth is that Samsung was reluctant to do without its Exynos chips in the Galaxy S until the thing became unsustainable, because the performance of the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 was extremely superior last year to the Exynos 2200 of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Perhaps for this reason, or also because Samsung was not able to prepare an Exynos generation to matchIn this 2023 the Seoul giant bought exclusively a shot with vitamins of the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 for your Galaxy S23 which should feature some GPU improvements (not described) and higher CPU clock speeds. In addition, it was announced deal with Qualcomm to more levels it would bring a plataform Snapdragon for Galaxy more exclusive in the coming years.

Be that as it may, the exclusivity agreement seems to be coming to an end at least in this 2023, because in Weibo and filter as prolific as it is digital chat stationthat is not usually too wrong, already announces that very soon the improved version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 will be available in open for all other manufacturers.

For now we know that the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 ‘for galaxy’ dispose of a 3.36 GHz CPU instead of 3.2 GHzplus some unexplained GPU optimizations, and It is also not clear if Qualcomm will release this identical version for everyone.or if the San Diego manufacturer will seek to further improve this chipset or give it another spin not requested by Samsung or designed with Samsung.

In fact, we understand that it will not be called Snapdragon 8 Gen2 for Galaxy if it reaches the mobiles of other manufacturers, but rather Snapdragon 8+ Gen2 following the usual nomenclature from the North American semiconductor manufacturer, which should announce this already-awaited intermediate version very soon summer after summer.

We do not know if the vitaminized version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2 of the Galaxy will be released as we know it for other manufacturers, but what we do know is that an evolution will arrive very soon for everyone with the nomenclature to be defined: Snapdragon 8+ Gen2? or Snapdragon 8 Gen3?

Some sources, to complete all the information, say that Qualcomm could name this rumored chipset as Snapdragon 8 Gen3 directly, advancing a generation to catch up with the Apple A16 Bionic and present us in the year 2024 very notable performance improvements with the ‘Gen4’that would abandon ARM cores to use those of its subsidiary company Nuvia.

This would not be strange either, because Nuvia is run by Gerard Williams, the former head of chip architecture at Apple.and the expectations are very high with the cores of Nuvia.

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