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The sports watch I wear every day is amazing


I like the smart watch that I use every day so much that I want to recommend it to you. It has GPS, AMOLED screen and discounts that exceed 50%.

Best features and a huge discount: the sports watch I wear every day is amazing

The sport smart watch that I use every day equips the best functions on the market, such as Bluetooth callsthe GPSprecise tracking of physical activity and a spectacular screen AMOLED. I want to personally recommend it to you also for another important reason and it is the great discount that it is at the moment, you can buy it even at half price.

Its about Huawei Watch GT Runner, has everything you need in an advanced smartwatch. Its recommended retail price is 329 euros, but now you can buy for about 150 euros on amazon In the beautiful gray and yellow color model. You can also buy it at half price in PcComponentsyou see that you have different options in terms of stores.

As I mentioned, this is The smartwatch I use daily, in fact I am wearing it on my wrist as I write these words. Therefore, I will base myself on my own experience to explain why your purchase is so worth it if you are looking for a good smart watch, either for yourself or as a gift for a loved one this Christmas.

Huawei Watch GT Runner

Huawei Watch GT Runner, the sports watch that I recommend

Huawei Watch GT Runner black

The Huawei Watch GT Runner is the sports watch that I use and that I recommend.

The first section for which I recommend this Huawei Watch GT Runner is the design. Is a very resistant watch, prepared to survive outdoor adventures without any problems. Plus, it’s very well built, with a polymer fiber case with a ceramic finish and titanium alloy crown aeronautical quality. the clock of Huawei also I find it very comfortable I even use it to sleep so it records my sleep patterns.

spectacular is the 1.43-inch AMOLED screen Y 466 x 466 pixel resolution, it is seen perfectly even when we are in brightly lit environments. The reproduction of colors in the images is very good, in addition to the sharpness of the content. It is a touch screen, although we can also use the two buttons on the side to control the operation. By the way, this screen has hundreds of watch faces to choose from, is another aspect that I really like because it allows me to play with its design.

I also like the Huawei Watch GT Runner for its fast performance, I can move between menus and open apps in the blink of an eye. In addition, when I connect the smartwatch to the mobile I can enjoy functions as interesting as Bluetooth calls. Using the watch’s microphone and speaker, I can send and receive phone calls without having to remove it from the pocket or backpack in which I have it stored.

The connection between the smartwatch and my mobile also allows me to see the weather information in my city, control music playback from my wrist and even download apps like Petal Maps, Huawei’s mapping platform. Be careful, this GT Runner too has NFC technologyso it can be used to pay for purchases in an establishment, as if it were a bank card.

Among the main uses that I give to the Huawei Watch GT Runner is physical activity monitoring. The device counts the steps I take throughout the day, as well as keeping track of my workouts when I go for a walk or go to the pool. Eye, it has GPSso it saves the routes that I travel without having to carry my mobile with me.

Huawei Watch GT Runner

Huawei’s smartwatch is also complete in terms of health functions, with essential tools such as heart rate sensor, blood oxygen monitoring or sleep analysis. Considering how I use the device, using demanding features like the always-on display, autonomy is around 7 days. However, if your use is lighter, you will not have a problem in even reach two weeks of autonomy.

There is no detail that this Huawei Watch GT Runner is missing, now even more recommended after falling from the original 329 euros to 150 euros in stores like Amazon and PcComponentes.

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