Home Tech these are the 6 new free games that you can download from Steam

these are the 6 new free games that you can download from Steam

these are the 6 new free games that you can download from Steam


6 very different games that can now be yours without spending a single euro on Steam.

Pay attention to this if you are a PC player: these are the 6 new free games that you can download from Steam
These are the 6 new free games to download on Steam

As we usually say around here, and almost everywhere, Steam is a great place for PC gamers. for all its offers and the free games that the platform makes available to us. In fact, not long ago we indicated the new free titles that they had arrived at the store, although far from it these are the only onessince every so often there are new additions to the catalog of the Valve platform, as is the case with this ideal proposal for fans of multiplayer and horror.

Obviously, we also find a wide variety of offersas we said, but that is not what we have come to talk about in this publication, since here we are going to deal with what are the new zero-cost additions coming to Steam and what can you download from now. Being exact, we once again have in our hands 6 free games that surely more than one will like, since these are varied enough to reach a wide audience.

You can now download these 6 games for free on Steam

steam port

In some EU countries, you can already see a history of the prices of Steam games in the last 30 days

Also, before getting into the matter, it is worth mentioning that this it is not a temporary promotionbell are you going to take you forever the video games that you want to install on your computer or simply save them in your library on the Valve platform. With that said, let’s see now What games are these and how do they describe them to us? from the Gabe Newell company store.

football kids alpha

“Soccer Kids is a turn-based tactical sports game in which you control a teenage math expert who leads his friends on a quest to win the local street soccer tournament. The game is set in Poland in the 1990s, a period in which the country transitioned from a socialist republic to a free-market democracy. Focuses on children left home alone during that period and fell in love with the new cultural influence from around the world.”

Download Soccer Kids Alpha for FREE on Steam

Monster Mastery: Prologue

“Defend the Monster Domain, kill heroes and collect treasures. He plays as Monster, loots foolish warriors and strengthens, upgrades and equips your forces with best weapons, skills and tricks to attract and kill even more brilliant forces of light”. On Steam they also indicate the following about this title, which keep in mind that it’s a prologue: “The prologue version of the game It’s a shortened version of the full game.. Here you can learn about the main game mechanisms. Try to command your big army and defeat the first boss.”

Download Monsters Domain: Prologue for FREE on Steam

Doomsday: Last Survivors

“Doomsday: Last Survivors is a zombie survival strategy game scam online multiplayer competitions and real time strategy elements. Set in a near future where zombies have taken over the world, the survivors must fight for their lives and for the future of humanity. As a commander, it is your duty to guide your fellow survivors to build their shelter, explore mist-filled areas, and fight against zombies and rival factions. Do you like zombie, survival and strategy games? Doomsday: Last Survivors is your game“.

Download Doomsday: Last Survivors for FREE on Steam


“Spirittle is a turn-based strategic battle digital board game for 4 players. You embody a Spirit from among the 4 elements: Nature, Earth, Water and Fire. To the rhythm of the 4 seasons, Fallen Souls challenge each other to regain their place on the World Tree. In this enchanting cross-platform matching game, open and match similar lands to attack and defeat other players to win the party.”

Download Spiritle for FREE on Steam


“Swelter is a Story-based mod for Half-Life 2with events that take place about years before Gordon Freeman’s arrival in City 17. The summer sun had been warming the lands of Central Asia long before the Combine appeared, but in recent days, the heat comes from another source. A series of armed riots in City 545 has spurred scattered resistance groups to unite towards the common goal of freeing themselves from the aliens. However, only a special individual can resolve the contradictions between these potential allies. A representative of the secret agents of the lambda resistancewho has traveled a long way, disembarks from a train at the right moment…”.

Download Swelter for FREE on Steam

dust and aliens

“Dust and aliens is a fast-paced FPS roguelite set in a futuristic western universewhere the player assumes the role of a cowboy who must fight waves of aliens in different arenas. The object of the game is to progress through the various arenas to get the highest possible scoreuse this score to buy upgrades and try to go as far as possible to defeat the final boss of the game.”

Download Dust and Aliens for FREE on Steam

With that said, you already have everything you need to see if you are interested in downloading some of These 6 free games on Steamalthough taking into account the condition of free games, I’m sure you’ll get all of them.


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