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These are the features of iOS 17 that are delayed and will not arrive at launch


Not all the news of iOS 17 will be at its launch, Apple has confirmed what they are.

These are the features of iOS 17 that are delayed and will not arrive at launch
The 3 novelties of iOS 17 that will be released later

ueApple introduced iOS 17 on June 5 at its developer conference known as WWDC and with it also kicked off the beta cycle of that version. Although the betas are designed to test all the novelties of the new operating system, there are some of them that they won’t arrive when this one launchesand iOS 17 was not going to be the exception.

And the confirmation comes to us from Apple itself, since it notified it during its presentation, so for those functions in particular we will have to wait a little longer than necessary. Let’s remember that, more or less, iOS 17 will see the light during the next month of September. What are the news that we will not see? Next we reveal it to you

The 3 functions that will not arrive on the day of its launch

The features that we will not see on the day of the launch of iOS 17 are the following: diary app, AirDrop improvements and collaborative playlists in Apple Music.

The new Diary app

One of the great novelties and absences of iOS 17 at its launch is the diary app. A new application that will allow users to have a space to register the moments of the day to day. You can add the user’s thoughts in writing, but you can also add photographs, audio recordings and music to accompany them. In addition, the app will offer suggestions to add to make it easier to keep the diary.

What’s new in AirDrop transfers

AirDrop will have news like name dropthe possibility of transferring our contact through this system. Another one of them is content transfer via internetwhich allows us to finish a shipment if we move away, which is the one that will arrive later.

This function will be very useful in different situations. Imagine that you are making a transfer and suddenly you have to leave, the content will just be sent over the Internet quickly, safely and without losing quality..

Delayed news iOS 17

News of the new iOS 17

Apple Music Collaborative Charts

One of the great novelties of iOS 17 is, without a doubt, Crossfade. Crossfade is a system that remove silences between songs to give us the feeling that the music never stops, something that by the way, it continues to be improved in the betas of iOS 17.

Crossfade will arrive for the launch, but what will not arrive are Apple Music collaborative chartswhich will allow several users to be part of the same playlist.

We could say that they are some of the most important novelties of iOS 17, but that they are delayed is not a bad sign at all because it can mean that need more development time. Remember that iOS 17 is still in beta, so some of the new features that are being tested could also be delayed.

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