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these have been all their news


iOS 17 Beta 2 has been released with interesting new features and improvements in performance and stability.

The second beta of iOS 17 is now available: these have been all its news
The second beta of iOS 17 arrives with interesting new features

It has been more than two weeks of waiting, but finally Apple has released the second beta of iOS 17 for developers. Not as many novelties are included as happened in the first version of the operating system that was released the same day as WWDC 2023, but we did meet interesting news which are worth mentioning.

Although the second beta version of iOS 17 also has some new features, the most important is the bugs it fixesafter all, that is the objective of a version that is in beta phase, fix bugs reported by beta testers. Next We tell you all the news that has come with this new version of iOS 17.

iOS 17 beta 2 is now available with these new features

These are all the changes that the second beta of iOS 17 for developers has brought:

  1. The new function name dropwhich allows us to send our contact to another iPhone or Apple Watch through AirDrop has been activated.
  2. New settings are coming to Standby mode that allow you to disable the entry of new notifications.
  3. Some tips have been added inside native apps so that users have a tutorial to learn how to use them.
  4. new widgets for the Music apps (like a new one to see the most listened to songs in Spain) and Clock.
New Apple Music widget

Apple Music has a new widget in the second beta of iOS 17.

  1. possibility of change default app why Siri sends messages if you ask her to. Before it was through Messages, now it can be WhatsApp, for example.
  2. Possibility to change the duration of CrossfadeApple Music’s new feature that removes silences between songs.

As we mentioned earlier, all these new features are always welcome, but the improvements in stability, performance and battery life of devices running this beta.

Remember how much iOS 17, iPadOS 17, watchOS 10, and macOS Sonoma are in developer betabut you can try them without any problems instead of waiting for the public betas that will be released in July or the final versions that will see the light of day next September.

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