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Bild cuts staff due to growing role of AI in journalism


Bild cuts staff due to growing role of AI in journalism

AI will lay off 200 employees and replace them with artificial intelligence.

European tabloid Bild has announced €100 million in spending cuts and layoffs of about 200 employees. Publisher Axel Springer SE, which owns Bild, also said it plans to use artificial intelligence to perform some of the tasks previously performed by journalists.

In a letter to employees, which became known to the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ) , Axel Springer SE announced that it will part ways with colleagues whose functions in the digital world can be replaced by artificial intelligence or automated processes. The cuts will affect Bild’s regional business and are not related to AI.

Bild said it will try to avoid forced layoffs where possible, but intends to cut its editorial staff by about 200 jobs, reducing the number of regional publications from 18 to 12.

A spokesperson for Bild said the company believes in the power of AI and wants to use it at Axel Springer to make journalism better and keep independent journalism alive in the long run.

The cuts are part of the publisher’s strategy to become a “pure digital media company.” Axel Springer SE CEO Matthias Dopfner in February said that AI tools like ChatGPT could make independent journalism better than ever — or even replace it.

Dopfner predicted that AI would soon be better at aggregating information than humans and said that only publishers that create “the best original content” – such as investigative journalism and original commentary – will survive.

Axel Springer SE is not the first publisher to take an interest in artificial intelligence. BuzzFeed laid off 180 employees this year and announced about his goal to use artificial intelligence to improve content and online quizzes. In addition, the British editions of the Daily Mirror and Daily Express started publishing articles written using artificial intelligence, trying to cut costs amid declining advertising revenue.

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