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These Sony headphones squander quality and are almost half the price


The wireless headphones of the Japanese firm collapse, but only for a limited time.

These Sony headphones squander quality and are almost half the price
The Sony WF-C500 in white.

Thanks to this Amazon offer you can take some high quality wireless headphones for less than you expect. The Sony WF-C500 They tumble down, they’re within your reach for only 55 euros. Keep in mind that they are still being sold for 100 euros in the official Sony storeyou get them almost half price.

They will easily connect to your mobile, whatever it is. You don’t have to be a fan of sonyany Bluetooth-enabled smartphone will be able to enjoy the Japanese headphones. If you want to listen to your favorite music wherever you are, these little ones are a buy you can’t go wrong with.

Sony WF-C500

Enjoy music at the best price

Sony headphones arrive with a nice design that you can find in various colors. They are small and very light. his design In the ear ensures a comfortable fit to take them with you everywhere. Even if you spend all day listening to music you will forget that you are wearing them.

Sony is a benchmark in the world of audio and these headphones are no exception: They offer excellent sound quality for their price range.. That music you love so much will sound clear, with a good mix of highs and lows that are balanced. The level they can give for less than 60 euros is surprising, I assure you.

Our protagonists do not lower the bar when we talk about autonomy, it will cost you drain your battery. reach the 5 hours of playback on a single chargealways take them with you without fear of getting stuck. If you need an extra, you know, you just have to keep them in their small charging case to recover energy. In this way you will enjoy a total autonomy that reaches 20 hours.

Sony WF-C500

You have been able to verify it Sony headphones will allow you to enjoy music properly. You have the opportunity to get good wireless headphones at a great discount, if you are interested, do not think about it too much. It is one of Amazon’s offers and could change at any time.

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