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This alternative to Spotify is free, without ads and allows you to watch the videos of the songs on your mobile


Nonoki is a free application created in Spain that allows you to play music and videos on your mobile completely free of charge.

This alternative to Spotify is free, without ads and allows you to watch the videos of the songs on your mobile
Nonoki is one of the best free Spotify alternatives I’ve tried on Android

It is undeniable that Spotify is music streaming app more popular for some time, much as he may dislike amazon musicapple Music, Youtube music or Tidal, but the truth is that in order to enjoy all the functions it offers you have to Go through the checkout and sign up for the Premium versionsomething that many users are not willing to do.

Currently you have a wide variety of alternatives to Spotifybut today I come to talk about one that has pleasantly surprised me. It’s called Nonoki, it’s completely free, it doesn’t have ads, and it also allows you to see the video clips of the songs directly on the mobile.

This is Nonoki, a free, simple and ad-free music streaming app

Nonoki is a free streaming music player developed by a Spanish company called Noname Hub that is based in Malaga and has a catalog of more than 80 million songsso it will be difficult for you not to find your favorite topics. In addition, this app does not have advertising or any limit when playing songs and when you do too shows you the video clip taken directly from YouTubewhich you can see full screen within the app even with its lyrics.

One of the keys to Nonoki is its ease of use, since it has a very clean interfacesimilar to Spotify’s before they included their own playlists and podcasts, which is organized into five tabs:

  • Discover
  • Top Playlists
  • Look for
  • Your music
  • Account

Especially interesting is the tab Look forsince it allows you to find songs and artists simply by typing the name of the theme or the composer. When doing so, the app shows you three sections: Top Results, Tracks and Artists so that you go to the one that interests you the most according to what you are looking for.

Once you’ve located the specific artist you’re interested in, just tap their profile picture to start playing its music within the app. When doing so, a song from it will begin to play and a player will appear at the bottom of the application, which when pressed it will be seen in full screen and will show you the video clip of the song.

To use Nonoki on your mobile you do not need to register, but if you do you will be able to save your songs, your albums, your playlists and your playback history and synchronize them with the web version of this music player, which inherits the clean design of the mobile app, since it has a side menu on the left side from which you can access new releases, to the most popular songs and playlists and all your content including tracks, artists, albums, history and playlists.

Nonoki PC-3

This is what the Nonoki web interface looks like

For its part, the right side remains empty until you click “play” on a playlist, since, at that moment, the songs from that list and the video of the song you are listening to are shown at the bottom.

To sign up for Nonoki and enjoy the full potential of this streaming application, you just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Nonoki app on your Android mobile
  • Tap on the tab Account
  • Click on the option Check in
  • Fill in the requested fields, accept the privacy policy and the terms of service and click on the button Create an account

Google Play Store | Streaming video of Nonoki Music

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