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this car charger is fast and cheap


The Chinese manufacturer has been standing out for several years with a multitude of accessories to charge your smartphone.

I have been using it for a week and I am very happy: this car charger is fast and cheap
This car charger has a tiny size, but a huge charging power.

For more than 5 years I have been using a travel charger double with two USB-A ports. The old car cigarette lighter plug is not very normal and only accepts certain kinds of chargers. I have tried many and this is the definitive one for several reasons. Baseus is a Chinese manufacturer that has been standing out for a long time with various accessories of this type, including chargers, cables and power banks. When I saw this charger I decided and It’s the best decision I could have made..

This charger is small, fast and has two ports to be able to use at the same time. It weighs nothing and represents great savings if what you are looking for is a charger to use in your car during a long trip and not spend a lot of money, but conserving good quality and finishes. For less than 6 euros you have a great purchase on your hands.

Baseus USB-C charger for buses

Buy the charger for your ultimate car for 5 euros

coach loader Baseus

This charger is small and powerful at the same time, and sits almost flush with the car’s charging port.

If you are one of those who does long trips and use the mobile as a browser to guide you through each step, you will have seen that the battery of your smartphone will quickly discharge with this task. For this it is good to have always connected to a good charger not let the battery discharge even 1% throughout the trip.

This Baseus charger is magnificent for this purpose, in any of its two charging ports. We have a port USB-A supporting Samsung QC 3.0 and AFC, and another USB-C port supporting up to Apple QC 4.0 and PD 3.0. You will charge all your devices safely and quickly at all times.

Translated to what we know, both ports will load at a maximum of 23W individually, and 25W together. I, who have a OnePlus, was at a loss to find another charger that will work the same as the OnePlus Dash charge. I looked at its original wall charger and saw that the big difference was the 4A current it supported. East Baseus can work up to 5A so fast charging becomes possible for my mobile.

Baseus USB-C charger for buses

I was sick of having chargers with disproportionate dimensions until I found this one. It only occupies 4.8 cm in lengthand I can keep it safe in any corner of the car. Care! Sometimes I have lost it because of how small it is. This charger mounts inside a series of chips that they will take care of the battery of your device during charging. They recognize the exact voltage of your battery and adapts to each one.

In addition to smart chips to detect your battery current and voltage, this charger has protection against a sudden rise or fall of voltage, current and temperature, as well as protects against short circuits. More than 100 million users are happy with their Baseus devices. are leaders in the segment of cheap chargers, data cables, external batteries, car chargers and car jump starters.

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