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this is the compact mechanical keyboard we’ve been waiting for for a long time


We took a deep dive into Corsair’s new compact mechanical keyboard. This is everything you need to know about the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB.

Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB, review: this is the compact mechanical keyboard we've been waiting for a long time
The Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB is made of aluminum, weighs just over half a kilo and costs less than 150 euros / Image: David Freire

One of the essential elements for any web editor is a good keyboard, since this is, by far, the device we use the most throughout our workday. Some time ago I decided to discard membrane keyboards in favor of mechanical keyboards because these allow me to have a much greater fluency when writing the different articles What I do in a day.

Within the market for mechanical keyboards, a sector in which smartphone manufacturers such as OnePlus with its Feature 81 Pro, one of the most popular brands is, without a doubt, Corsairan American company that has become one of the main references for gamers thanks to its wide catalog of products that includes mice, mouse pads, headphones, PC cases, monitors, storage drivescooling solutions and chairs for gamers.

And precisely, today we are here to talk about the latest product launched on the market by the company based in Fremont, California. This is the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB, a compact mechanical keyboard that stands out for having a great construction quality, with a design optimized to the maximum to include the greatest number of keys possible and with a wide variety of customization options thanks to the software Corsair iCue.

Next, we are going to break down all the good and bad things about the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB, a mechanical keyboard of which we can already tell you that it has surprised us how comfortable it is for both typing and gaming.

+ Advantages

  • Excellent build quality
  • very comfortable to write
  • Inclusion of arrow keys
  • Lots of customization options

Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB price and where to buy

The Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB is now available for purchase in Spain for an official price of 149 euros. This new compact keyboard from Corsair can be purchased both through the official store of the manufacturer as well as through authorized resellers such as Amazon and PC Components.

Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB

Spec Sheet

Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB
Dimensions and weight 315 x 105.4 x 35.8mm
600 grams
Material Anodized black aluminum with brushed finish
polycarbonate keys
form factor Sixty-five %
Distribution ISO in Spanish
switches CORSAIR OPX
Useful life 150 million keystrokes
backlight rgb
16.8 million colors
Anti-Ghosting Yes, on 100% of the keys
full key change
sample rate 5G
Patient 8,000 Hz
AXON Technology
macros Yeah
4 dedicated keys
Connection cable 5G
USB-C to USB-A 1.82 meters
AXON Technology
Software Corsair iCue
Compatible with Windows and MacOS

design and construction

From the first moment we took the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB out of its box, we noticed that this new compact mechanical keyboard is committed to a truly premium build qualitysince when you take it in your hand you can see that we are dealing with a high-end product.

If we focus on its frame, the first thing you should know is that the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB has a black anodized aluminum chassis with a brushed finish It has a texture and feel that you won’t find in many keyboards on the market.

The sides of this keyboard are not completely flat, as was the case with the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB, and, furthermore, the edges of the same they are beveled so they don’t bother you when accessing the keys.

Corsair K65 Pro Mini Side RGB

The sides of the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB are beveled so they don’t get in the way when pressing the keys on the ends / Image: David Freire

The base of the keys on this keyboard is completely black and is made of some type of plastic compound that allows distribute and reflect all the backlighting of them.

An important point about the chassis of this keyboard that you should know is that it has a fairly low profile, although it incorporates a pair of extendable legs at the bottom that allow you to raise it a bit off the table top and make it more comfortable to write. As it is a compact, low-profile keyboard, it does not include a wrist rest, something that we think would be interesting especially for users like us who they spend 8 hours a day typing.

Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB-legs

The Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB has two extendable legs that allow you to raise it a bit / Image: David Freire

The Corsair Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB has a USB-C port that is located in the left corner of the front part in which we will have to connect the black braided USB-A to USB-C cable which is included in the sales package.

Regarding the keys of the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB, you should know that They are made of double injection polycarbonate.a material that is even more durable than ABS itself and that has a concave surface that improves its ergonomics and a contact area of ​​14 x 12 millimeters. Likewise, the surface of the keys of the Corsair K65 Pro Mini has a matte finish that provides a good grip for the fingers.

The Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB’s optical switches are Corsair OPX type and feature a 45g actuation force, 1mm actuation distance, and 3.2mm total travel. These switches are ideal for typing as they they have a smooth ride, they are quite quiet thanks to the two integrated sound dampening layers that significantly reduce internal pings, echoes and reverberations and have a good grip.

Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB-Keys

The keys of the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB have a slightly curved surface to improve their grip and ergonomics / Image: David Freire

Corsair ensures that these keys withstand more than 150 million keystrokes and each of them features RGB lighting that can be individually configured using Corsair iCue software.

The design is one of the strengths of the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB, since, despite being a compact keyboard with a 65% form factor with the ISO distribution in Spanish, includes the arrow keys and the “Delete”, “Page Up” and “Page Down” buttonssomething that is not usual in this type of keyboards. Not surprisingly, the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB lacks the row of F keys, which can be enabled pressing the “FN” key and each of the numbers on the top row.

These keys are not the only ones that have a double function, since the arrow keys can be used to control the playback of media content on the PCthe Windows key can be used to lock the computer and the Corsair logo keys “Delete”, “Page Up” and “Page Down” can be programmed for specific uses such as to configure macros.

Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB - Retail Package

Inside the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB box you’ll find the keyboard itself, USB-C charging cable, and a custom Corsair keycap for the space bar / Image: David Freire

To end this section, we would like to mention that in the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB box we will find the keyboard itself, the USB-A to USB-C connection cable and a keycap for Corsair’s space bar that is backlit and that you can easily replace with the one that comes standard.


Even though the K65 Pro Mini RGB features a number of secondary functions that can be activated with the “FN” buttonwhich are printed on the front of a large number of its keys, Corsair also gives us the option of further customize the keyboard using the iCue software.

Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB Screen-Printed Keycaps

The secondary functions of the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB keys are printed on the front of the same / Image: David Freire

In this sense, you should know that the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB has an integrated memory of 8 MB thanks to which you will be able to configure up to 50 user profiles.

Once you have installed the iCue program on your PC from their website You will see all the Corsair devices that you have connected to your computer which, in my case there are two: the K65 Pro Mini RGB keyboard and the MM700 RGB mousepad.

If you click on the name of the keyboard, you will be displayed all the options that Corsair software offers youwhich are organized into 6 categories:

  • key bindings
  • Hardware key bindings
  • lighting effects
  • hardware lighting
  • Performance
  • device configuration

Thus, thanks to Corsair software, you will be able to customize your experience both when writing and playing, since it allows you to remap keys and buttonsconfigure macros, adjust DPI and create custom lighting profiles both by software and hardwareamong other options.


In summary, the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB is one of the best compact mechanical keyboards that you will find on the market today, since it has a great construction quality, with an optimized design to include the largest number of keys possible and, in addition, it is in Spanish.

This keyboard is perfect for both gaming and typing, and in this regard, we have felt really comfortable with use it as our main work tool for a couple of weeks.

Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB-Mat

The Corsair MM700 RGB mouse pad is the perfect complement to the K65 Pro Mini RGB keyboard /Image: David Freire

In addition, the Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB is really quiet, much more than other mechanical keyboards from the competition, something that will allow you to use it in an office without fear that you may disturb your colleagues.

Finally, I would like to emphasize the large number of customization options that this keyboard has, since thanks to them you will be able to configure it to your liking and improve your productivity and gaming performance. The Corsair K65 Pro Mini RGB doesn’t make you a better gamer or editor, but it does give you the tools to do just that.

This device has been thoroughly tested independent thanks to a transfer by the brand. The article contains purchase links for which Andro4all could receive a commission. join up to the Andro4all bargain channel to find out about the best deals before anyone else.

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