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How to put out a campfire in Minecraft


Minecraft is a fun game played by persons of all age groups. One interesting feature introduced in Minecraft is the ability to light a campfire. Campfires are good for providing light and for cooking. However, campfires can harm players who get too close to them. This is why it is important to know how to put out a campfire in Minecraft.

How to put out a campfire in Minecraft

Campfires provide the strongest light level, they are good for making your surroundings more interesting. Campfires are good for warding off unwelcomed or hostile mobs. It is important to note that depending on how a campfire is extinguished, it may not re-ignited. It is therefore important to make sure you want it extinguished before you do so.

How to put out a campfire in Minecraft

Minecraft has lots of cool interesting features and the campfire is one of them. Just like it is important to put out a campfire in the real world, it is also important to put out a campfire in Minecraft. Campfires can only be put out in three ways in Minecraft. This article will show you how to put out a campfire in Minecraft.

  1. Use a shovel
  2. Use a water bottle
  3. Use a water bucket

1] Use a shovel

The first way that will be discussed to put out a campfire is by using a shovel. When the shovel is used on grass blocks, it can make paths. This same method can be used to put out a campfire. This is true also in the real world, using a shovel to pour dirt on a campfire can put it out.

2] Use a water bottle

The second way that you can put out a campfire in Minecraft is by using a water bottle. To put out the campfire with the water bottle you would need to make a splash water bottle. The splash water bottle can be made by putting a water bottle into a brewing stand, with gunpowder serving as the brewing ingredient. You would then throw the splash bottle at the campfire to put out the fire.

3] Use a water bucket

Flowing water can usually put out a campfire, however, it has to be poured onto the same block. Having a water bucket with water you would just place it on the same block as the fire and the campfire would go out. To use the water bucket to put out the campfire, you would need to find a source to fill up the water bucket.

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How do I light a campfire in Minecraft?

If you’ve got a campfire but it isn’t lit, you use flint & steel or hit it with enchanted items that have been imbued with fire, to get it going. Campfires can also be lit via fire spreading, whether it’s from lava, a wildfire, or burning enemies or player characters. To make a campfire the following are needed.

  • One stick
  • One coal or charcoal piece
  • Three stripped logs of wood or stripped wood. However, they have to be of the same kind.

How do I gather honey from bees in Minecraft?

All you need to do is place a campfire one block under the beehive and the smoke will chase the bees from the hive. Once that happens, use the shears to get the honey safely. But remember to get rid of the campfire afterward so the bees can go back to getting honey for you.

How to put out a campfire in Minecraft

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