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This is “The Law of Lidia Poët”


Lidia Poët was a real character from nineteenth-century Italy. Now, the series is having quite a success in the European market thanks to Netflix.

This Italian series is sweeping and is perfect for the weekend: that's right "Lydia Poët's law"
Matilda de Angelis “eats” the role of Lidia Poët with great mastery

If you are one of those people who has a Pack with Netflix, HBO and Disney+you are in luck Today we bring a great series for this weekend if you still don’t know what to get your hands on. It is a italian series called “Lidia Poët’s law” in which we will be able to live the adventures of a woman who fought to be treated as an equal within the world of law. Thus, she managed to become the Italy’s first female lawyeralthough for this she had to fight against the oppression that women lived in the 19th century.

Lidia Poët, a historical figure played incredibly by Matilda de Angelis

Behind the role of De Angelis there is a true story. Lidia Poët was the first woman to practice law in Italy. However, she had to face multiple problems that she had to overcome simply because she was a woman. Although she managed to access the bar in Turin, she was later disqualified by the country’s supreme court for being a woman. That is why Lidia Poët unleashed a barrage of protests and suffrage movements in her favor.movements that finally made it possible for all women to access the profession of law and any public position.

In the series, Poët is disabledso while she fights to become a lawyer again, she is in charge of solving mysterious cases related to crimes. In this way, she combines the best of film noir with a Historical series that has a lot to contribute to the Netflix catalog. For this adventure, he will have two faithful friends played by Eduardo Scarpetta and Pierluigi Pasino.

How could it be otherwise, it has a rhythm typical of classic film noir and drinks very well from its nineteenth-century setting. For this reason, it has become in its own right one of the best police series on Netflix.

At the moment it has only one season that you can see yourself perfectly on a weekend day. So, if you are thinking that you can see this weekend, perhaps this is the perfect opportunity. In any case, it will also allow us to learn a little more about one of our neighboring countries, and about what its turbulent 19th century was like, the moment in which shaped as a unified country as it is today. Thus, “La ley de Lidia Poët” does not leave aside its aspect as politics series and it allows us to know an aspect that for many of us was largely ignored until now.

See “The Law of Lidia Poët” on Netflix

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