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This is the (stratospheric) salary of Tim Cook at Apple


The Apple boss will take a cut in 2023, but has pocketed nearly $100 million a year in both 2022 and 2021.

This is the (stratospheric) salary of Tim Cook at Apple
Tim Cook has reason to be very happy, and this despite the fact that his salary will be lowered a lot in 2023.

For us mortals it is complicated sometimes imagine the salary that a senior executive may be earning for their services, especially those who carry out their functions running the biggest companies of the entire planet.

However, thanks to the analysts or sometimes also to the financial results published by the companies themselves, as in this case, we get details as interesting as what Tim Cook, Apple CEO, earns annuallyIndeed, and as you would expect, he has many reasons to be very happy with his work.

And it is that as the companions of gizchinathe boss of those from Cupertino has pocketed no less than almost 100 million dollars in 2022specifically a figure of 99.4 million quite generous.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, earned 98.7 million dollars in 2021 and 99.4 million in 2022 in different concepts, although he plans to cut his salary by up to 40% this year 2023 seeking to set an example from the top.

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Not everything is a fixed salary, obviously, and it is that in the remuneration of this type of managerial positions are usually included storage optionsshares and other forms of compensationthat speaking of Tim Cook they reached 83 million dollars in actions and some 13.4 million in additional compensations, per diems and other concepts. So that, the fixed salary would be about 3 million for the CEO of what is probably the most important technology company in the world.

And this added to the 98.7 million dollars that had also entered in 2021 in different concepts.

It doesn’t seem like things are going too bad financially at the Cook house, so accept a 40% pay cut It probably won’t be too much of a problem. In fact, a similar amount will be precisely the cut accepted by the CEO of Apple for a 2023 in which he wants to set an example from the top, thus joining this new wave of cost containment.

has actually been a recommendation of the board and of Tim Cook himselfwhich will go on to have a maximum goal of 49 million dollars in 2023, and that despite the fact that Apple’s results have not worsened neither in sales, nor in income nor in profits, being the only company in the mobile industry that remains in green numbers in this crisis environment.

Surely these movements are discussed in the Apple’s next shareholder meeting in Marchfacing the one that Tim Cook has already sent a letter to your investors:

  • Global challenges complicate all of us these days. From inflation to the war in Eastern Europe and the lasting impacts of the pandemic.
  • We will make this a moment to act thoughtfully. But this is not a time to withdraw from the future. We’ve always run Apple for the long haul. And that means continuing to invest in innovation, in people, and in the positive difference we can make in the world.
  • Today we have the strongest line of products and services we have ever had. And our technology has never been available to our users in more ways. And our latest innovations are helping many of us to make the most of our creativity. Let’s connect with our loved ones, find entertainment and joy, and live safer and healthier lives.

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