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This mini PC is a great purchase and now more than it has a discount of 80 euros in its price on Amazon


The Beelink SER5 Plus is an ideal mini PC to have at home at a very affordable price.

This mini PC is a great purchase and now more than it has a discount of 80 euros in its price on Amazon
The Beelink SER5 Plus is reduced by 80 euros in its price on Amazon

Today, have a computer at home is almost essentialwhether it is a equipment for studieswork or just entertainment. Now, as our pockets sometimes give for what they give and if we need to have a second computerbut we do not want to leave an eye of the face; It is always advisable to keep an eye on them to the mini PCs that are currently on the marketsince there are really interesting options and they usually have somewhat more affordable prices without losing much in benefits.

In this post we bring you one that right now has one more than good discount on amazon. Specifically, we are talking about Beelink SER5 pluswhich is a more than competent team for the price for which it can usually be yours. In general, this PC is priced at 449 eurosbut now you can see that on amazon has a discount of 18%. Likewise, before detailing the aspects of this offer, it is worth mentioning that consumers have valued it as a 4.4 star productMeanwhile he 69% of the evaluations put it as a product of 5 stars.

Beelink SER5 plus

The Beelink SER5 Plus is discounted by 18% on Amazon

This mini PC, taking into account its 18% discount and its usual price on Amazon of 449 euros, can be yours with a reduction of 80 euros in its price. That is to say, the Beelink SER5 Plus is for 369 euros on Amazonwhich is a more than good opportunity to get hold of this device, and on top of that with free shippingif you are a Prime user. Also, this mini computer can be found in other stores, like aliexpresswhere you can even find it with a much more interesting offer.

That being said, it is worth mentioning that the Beelink SER5 pluswithout being one of the best computers that you can have in your house and taking into account its compact appearance and designhave a moderately powerful hardwarewith a processor AMD Ryzen 7 5800HAccompanied by 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and 500 GB NVMe M.2 for SSD storage. Although it is very common to find computers on Amazon without an operating system, in this case it does have one already incorporated. Specifically, this mini pc has windows 11 pro.

Beelink SER5 plus

Finally, we cannot fail to mention that it has Dual HDMI for 4K@60Hz video output and USB-Cin addition to Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2. With all this clear, it only remains to remember that the Beelink SER5 plus it can be yours right now for a price of 369 euros on Amazon.

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