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U.S. County Government Recovers Systems After Alleged Cyber ​​Attack


U.S. County Government Recovers Systems After Alleged Cyber ​​Attack

The town seems to be too small for two sheriffs.

Langlade County, Wisconsin, USA, has announced a “catastrophic software failure” following an alleged LockBit ransomware attack.

On July 11, government agencies in Langlade County, northern Wisconsin, posted an urgent social media alert about technical failures in departmental systems. According to the sheriff, the problems were not related to the cyberattack, but the LockBit ransomware group on its website added the county to the list of victims, threatening to leak all data stolen from the government by August 1.

Due to a cyber incident, all phone lines stopped working. Calls to 911 will be redirected and processed. The local sheriff has provided a temporary phone number for those who need help.

Publication of LockBit on a leak site

Warnings Shared Langlade County Department of Health , Langlad County Office of Emergency Management And Antigo County Police Department . The population of the district is about 20,000 people.

In recent months, various US cities, including Hayward , Auckland , Dallas , Lowell And Augusta — have become victims of truly serious cyber incidents with encryption, data theft, accompanying extortion and the publication of confidential information of citizens in the public domain.

Recall that the Lockbit group claimed responsibility for the attack on the port of Nagoya , the largest and busiest seaport in Japan. The ransomware attack with data encryption has significantly affected the operation of container terminals. The attack also affected Toyota’s operations.

In addition, at the end of June, a message appeared on the LockBit website that A group of hackers hacked into the network of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) , the world’s largest chip manufacturer. The attackers promise to release the company’s confidential data on August 8 unless the company pays a huge ransom to decrypt the files.

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