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Two VALORANT favorites from China, EDward Gaming and Bilibili Gaming, have officially won tickets to the VALORANT Champions 2023.


Wednesday, July 12, 2023, 7:09:23 a.m. Indochina time

Even in the competition in our home zone like the program VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific It’s just going to end in a few days. But the aftermath of the competition is still there and has not faded, but for those who may miss out on watching on the field or do not have much free time, they can read the content of the competition. can get inthis article

Of course, it’s not just the competition from the zone. Pacific who is fierce, spicy, fun alone because neighboring countries like “ China “There was a big competition like VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Champions China Qualifiers are overlapping For this great battle want to search 3 Big affiliations to step up to the level of competition major end of the year 2023 at 2023 VALORANT CHAMPIONS and will be held at the beginning of the month August There will be teams participating in the competition together. 12 The team will be divided into 4 placing team vs. 8 Selected teams are as follows:

  • edward game (placed team)
  • Fun Plus Phoenix (placed team)
  • Bilibili Games (placed team)
  • Assault Spirit Esports (placed team)
  • Follow Esports
  • Four Angry Man
  • king effect
  • Royal never gives up
  • Ty Lou
  • enter
  • Weibo game
  • dragon ranger games


credit : VALORANT Sports CN

After the competition has only proceeded 5 Day and because ” China has a slot for the race. 2023 VALORANT CHAMPIONS up to 3 teams, therefore making teams like Bilibili Games teach way follow Esports (Totoro game) Until it was destroyed in the round competition BO5 win with score 3-0 (13:10 , 13:5 , 13:2) Ready to be the first team to win the first ticket of the program 2023 VALORANT CHAMPIONS went to reign beautifully


credit : Bilibili Games

But it seems that the way edward game which is one of the candidates for the competition, it does not want to be inferior to the strongest agency Bilibili Games How much to lose, thus causing the bad luck this time to fall to the rival team like Ty Lou At the moment their form is extremely strong, but in the end with field experience Including the sharpness of the players within the team without being in front of anyone thus making this victory go to edward game overwhelmingly with a score 3-0 (13:6 , 13:2 , 13:2) ready to ship Ty Lou To the bottom line without any countermeasures

Although the two giant teams like edward game and Bilibili Games will rely on the ticket 2 list of items 2023 VALORANT CHAMPIONS But the competition was not over yet. Because there are still tickets left 1 For teams from the lower bracket which will be a competition of two large ships Tylu vs Funplus Phoenix which the two had met before in the round Upper quarter-finals Ready to be a clean victory of Ty Lou that there is no response from the other side, thus making this match like an “eye wash” of Fun Plus Phoenix would not be wrong where the competition will start July 14, 2023 this

In the end, we have to wait and see which team will be able to grab this last ticket, including the way. Edward playing games will be able to win the title VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Champions China Qualifiers in order to call morale before moving on to the list 2023 VALORANT CHAMPIONS Whether or not we have to wait and follow.

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