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UK vows to stop Chinese cyber espionage

UK vows to stop Chinese cyber espionage


UK vows to stop Chinese cyber espionage

To do this, the country had to create a new advisory agency designed to reduce the number of leaks of intellectual property.

Britain’s domestic intelligence service MI5 will oversee a new agency tasked with helping local organizations fight Chinese cyber spies and other threats.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on March 13 the creation of the National Security Protection Agency ( NPSA ) as part of an update to the government’s security strategy called the “comprehensive review”.

The NPSA will be required to provide cybersecurity training and consultation to businesses, schools and non-profit organizations while working with the police to strengthen “protection against terrorist attacks.”

The agency will also work with other government agencies, including the National Cybersecurity Center and the National Counterterrorism Administration, to provide “comprehensive security recommendations.”

“We know that hostile actors are trying to steal the intellectual property of British institutions to harm our country. The National Security Administration will play a critical role in helping businesses and universities better protect themselves and maintain their competitive edge,” explained the his statement Security Minister Tom Tugendhat.

Last year, MI5 and the FBI warned UK and US scientists and business leaders about the growing threat of Chinese spies stealing intellectual property, academic research and other sensitive information.

Ken McCallum, CEO of MI5, even said at a conference that the Chinese Communist Party would definitely have an interest in the UK’s developments if they relate to artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies. McCallum cited the high-profile scandal of 2020 as an example, when a Chinese investor stole the intellectual property of the British engineering company Smiths Harlow, which makes parts for Bombardier and Rolls-Royce.

The UK government first announced a “due diligence” security strategy back in 2021. According to MI5 representatives, this year’s update of the strategy is being carried out in response to increased tensions with Russia and China, and is aimed primarily at strengthening the country’s armed forces, as well as its economic and technological security.


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