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UN organizes world’s first press conference with AI

UN organizes world’s first press conference with AI


Dialogue with robots: UN organizes world’s first press conference with AI

More than 50 robots will become full-fledged participants in the Summit and will even answer questions from the media themselves.

More than 50 humanoid robots will take center stage at the UN Global AI for Good Summit ( AI For Good ), demonstrating how advances in artificial intelligence can be used to support the UN’s mission of building a connected, inclusive and sustainable world.

The Interactive AI Summit will take place in Geneva, Switzerland on July 6 and 7 and will be hosted by the UN’s specialized agency for information and communications technology, the International Telecommunications Union (ICU).

The two-day event will feature more than 50 robots of varying designs and complexity to help the UN achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, SDGs), which are considered the “save plan” for people and the planet.

On the last day of the summit, July 7, the UN will present the world’s first human-robot press conference, in which a group of robots will answer questions from the media.

AI robot

Here are some of the robots that will be featured at the AI ​​For Good Summit:

  • Nadine, modeled on the image of a professor at the University of Geneva by MIRALab in collaboration with scientists from the University of Geneva. Nadine can simulate emotions, greetings, eye contact and gestures using over 27 facial expressions and upper body movements. Nadine is also able to recognize people she has already met and keep up a conversation with them. In addition, Nadine passed a test as a customer service agent for an art/science museum and an insurance company in Singapore, and in 2019-2020, Nadine worked in a nursing home as a companion for the elderly.
  • gracethe world’s first robotic nurse assistant created by Hanson Robotics and SingularityNET;
  • Sophiahas already appeared on TV shows in the US and Britain, and has spoken at hundreds of conferences around the world;
  • Geminoid HI-2 is a remote-controlled android that mimics the original human prototype;
  • Ai Da – the world’s first robot artist who can speak, draw and write;
  • Mika, the world’s first robot CEO. According to the creators, CEO Mika uses algorithms and machine learning to make strategic decisions and optimize business operations;
  • Desdemonaa humanoid robot and the group’s lead vocalist AI Jam Galaxy Band ;
  • MAiRA from NEURA Robotics, the first commercially available cognitive robot performing industrial tasks;
  • Buddyemotional companion robot.

The robots on display will tackle a variety of sustainability challenges, from medical analysis, research, digital farming and firefighting, to environmental assessment, building innovation and academic learning.

Sustainability and AI

AI is already being used by several UN agencies, including the World Food Program’s Hunger Map project, which analyzes data to identify areas at risk of famine.

WHO is currently using artificial intelligence to create uniform and accurate diagnoses of diseases, and to develop remote-controlled trucks to deliver emergency care to dangerous areas.

As of 2023, of the 140 SDG targets, “only about 12% are being met”. The target date for achieving the goals is 2030. The UN hopes to improve the implementation of the SDGs by including the use of AI in the solution.

The event will bring together over 900 organizations and universities from nearly 200 countries, including major technology companies such as Google, Samsung and Huawei Technologies. ITU Head of Strategic Engagement Frederick Werner said the idea behind the summit is to showcase the capabilities of robots and start a global dialogue on the opportunities, challenges and ethical implications of advanced AI technologies.


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