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Uniqlo x Chainsaw Man launches new trembling collection and plans to release mid-August 2023.


Tuesday, July 25, 2023, 4:52:02 a.m. Indochina time

If you want to talk about the best t-shirts New collections are often announced in conjunction with other works such as anime, games, and other works of art. therefore making your shirt brand famous Uniqlo It is considered one of the brands that are quite popular in the market and liked by many people. Whether it’s about the fabric, the feeling when wearing it. to the pattern on the shirt that was designed to be quite interesting

Of course, every time a famous shirt brand like Uniqlo Decided to release a new collection. They are always on the lookout for interesting works during that period. If going back to the end of the year 2022 It will be a time when famous anime like ” fanatic ” is broadcasting live at the time and is one of the trending anime. Which many people are talking about social To the extent that the comic book has to be in short supply.

then when the way Uniqlo So they decided to release a new collection that is a collaboration between fanatic and plans to release August 4th within Japan which are together with a variety and a variety of sizes, whether

  • crazy devil ( white shirt and picture of denji saw devil version )
  • demon hunter ( Blue shirt and picture of Denji version of Saw Devil )
  • demon hunter ( overview 4 person)
  • demon hunter ( picture of Makima )
  • Meowy’s Address (Image story of energy when looking for a cat)
  • I will give you my heart ( Photo of Pochita )
  • demon hunter ( picture of energy )

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Finally, the collection fanatic There are plans to be released in Thailand in the middle of “August” (this link), if referring to the website of Uniqlo Which revealed that it will be released during August 25 There is a possibility that Thailand should be sold at the same time. For anyone who is a fan of famous anime like fanatic Let me tell you that you shouldn’t miss it.


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