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users complain about slowdowns and brakes in games

users complain about slowdowns and brakes in games


The new Windows 11 update turned out to be problematic: users complain about slowdowns and brakes in games

The new Windows 11 update (Moment 3), which was released a couple of days ago, caused a number of problems for users. Among the most common complaints are slow computer performance, long system boot times, and unstable internet connections.

Many users on Reddit have reported that after installing the KB5028185 patch for Windows 11 22H2, their PCs began to run slower and the system startup time increased. For example, one of them writes: “KB5028185 is garbage. Because of this update, my system reboot and startup time is much longer, I sit on the welcome screen for 17 seconds, where it used to be about 4.5 seconds. The turn-off time also increased, but I did not detect it.” This problem disappeared after uninstalling the update.

Another user remarks: “Why did all my games and applications become very slow after the update?” And he gets the answer: “The same thing happened to me. Can’t believe how bad the performance has become. I uninstalled the update and everything is back to normal. I hate how Microsoft pushes such broken updates all the time on Windows 10/11. Never had such a problem with Windows 7/8.”

Another complaint is: “Has anyone else experienced that your PC is very slow after an update? Everything worked great last night, got the updates this morning, spent 4 hours getting the updates to download/install, another 45 minutes to get them to install properly after two reboots, and now, 4 hours after the reboots were completed, everything is STILL very good. slowly”.

In addition, users complain about problems connecting to the Internet – both via Wi-Fi and Ethernet (wired). Some write that their PC cannot connect to the Internet at all. For example: “My PC can’t access the Internet now. Neither Wi-Fi nor Ethernet. And my firewall won’t start. Everything was fine before this ‘update’. Another says: “My Ethernet is also not working properly since yesterday updates… After uninstalling updates KB5028851, KB5028185 through the settings menu, my internet connection worked again! It took 10 minutes.”

Another annoyance is the Windows Security icon in the system tray (on the right side of the taskbar) does not work in some cases, i.e. nothing happens when you click on it (but virus scans still work fine). There are also several confirmations of this failure.

Analysis: What to do? Well, there are workarounds, but with a catch. KB5028185 seems to be problematic for a number of reasons, unfortunately. If you’ve installed the July cumulative update and are experiencing one of these issues – or the occasional crash that we’ve seen reports of as well – then a temporary workaround is to remove KB5028185.

The downside is that you will be left without the latest security patches on your Windows 11 PC, which is not a good thing. Also, the update will automatically install eventually (you can only delay it for a while with Windows 11 Home edition).

In the meantime, all we can do is hope that Microsoft investigates the aforementioned bugs and produces some cures for PCs affected by these issues.

The only other suggestion put forward on Reddit is to turn off Core Isolation (Memory Integrity) as some people claim that this causes most of the system latency and crash issues. Disabling it – just search for “Core Isolation”, go to the panel and click the slider to disable Memory Integrity (then reboot) – can fix your performance issues (or indeed internet interruptions), we’re told.

However, there is a big caveat here, and that is that this is a security feature that you really should have in place to protect yourself from potential threats.

So you’re at risk either way – running without an update or without an important security feature – but if the KB5028185 issues irritate you that much, this might be a chance you want to take (at your own risk, as always).


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