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VALORANT affiliate FULL SENSE announces the release of two main players, LAMMYSNAX and ChAlalala, from the agency.


Thursday, December 22, 2022, 6:00 p.m. 42 p.m., Indochina time.

Came without being prepared A few hours ago, one of the famous Thai subordinates like FULL SENSE Has announced the release of two main players of the team. LAMMYSNAX and ChAlalala official shocking And very frightening for the fans of both

Although in the past we had speculated about the agency. FULL SENSE that there is going to be a big player change and may be releasing two main key players like JohnOlsen and LAMMYSNAX inthis article although LAMMYSNAX will actually decide as expected But it turns out that the lottery went back to fall. ChAlalala instead of that Part two replacement players. FULL SENSE I don’t know if it will be KILUA and Teerapong How true is it? Because no news has yet come out.

Another interesting thing is the subject of FULLSENSE ACADEMY who are about to start the program as an athlete soon And it is unlikely that after this project ends, FULL SENSE may decide not to find more players. But choose to pick players from FULLSENSE ACADEMY availableReinforcing the team It is also possible

However, it turns out that now the way FULL SENSE was missing the two main cogs that would allow the team to move forward officially But have to wait and see if they will go looking for two players in the position Controller and Initiator Any player to replace have to wait and follow each other


  • Chanawin ” JohnOlsen ” Nakchain
  • Thanaphat ” THEE ” Limpaphan
  • Apinya ” Apinya ” Laotaew
  • Nattawat ” SuperBusS ” Yoosawat

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